Blog Tour: Careless Whisper

Hello readers! Today’s post is going to be for the Careless Whisper blog tour. I’m excited to be participating and supporting this amazing LGBT Crime novella series (Soho Noir) again after being part of the first book blog tour earlier in the year.

This post will contain a full review and more details about how to purchase your own copy of Careless Whisper for you to read and enjoy. Without further ado, here’s my post!

Careless Whisper- T.S. Hunter

Release Date- 5th August 2019 (Kindle and Physical)


It’s 1986, and Adam Cave, lead singer of sensational pop group Loose Lips, is struggling to stay in the closet, especially as his group is going through a messy split, and media speculation about the reasons behind it are rife. 

Joe Stone is assigned to Adam as a runner for the behind-the-scenes, warts and all expose of the recording of the bands last album, and an unlikely friendship begins to form.

But when Adam’s manager, Jack Eddy, is found dead in Adam’s hotel room, in what looks like a sex game gone wrong, Joe turns to his flatmate, Russell, to help him clear the pop star’s name, and keep his secret.

Russell, meanwhile, has a secret of his own. He’s just been for a test, the results of which may change his life forever.

Review– What a fast paced ride! It was lovely to return to London’s Soho with Joe and Russell for another murder mystery. The story-line involving Russell’s testing for HIV was a very powerful element, I’ve not read that before in fiction, yet alone a crime thriller. Being in the 80s brings a ton of references of past historical events. Being born in the late 90s meant I missed out on a ton of 80s bands and fashion. It was fun to see and experience true news such as a royal marriage announcement. I love the characters and looking at forensics, with Careless Whisper, this was in a hotel room. Overall, very excited for the next instalment!

Purchase links- (Amazon)

That concludes this upload. A big thank you to Red Dog and the author T.S. Hunter for letting me be a part of the tour. See you all soon!

Alice x




Me And My Blog’s Relationship- The End?


It’s been nearly a month since I posted here. This hasn’t been the first time since I’ve not uploaded for a while. But this time, I’m really starting to question whether a blog is the right outlet for me anymore. Let me explain.

This time last year, my blog was doing very well, but fast forward 12 months to now and it’s my Instagram that has taken off. Within the last week, I got my first ever paid commission from an Instagram post with a publisher. Slowly but surely, I’m now very close to reaching 6K followers on my profile. Having my IG account has enabled me to still blog on there (a little bit), but have more of a visual side of things. As a visual person in general, I started to feel more compelled to post there more than this blog.

Which leaves me onto why this blog and I may be done. When I first started at the age of 17, I was a total newbie. I had no idea what publishers even did, yet alone what ARCs were and how to get hold of them. Writing was a scary time at the beginning. Would the world actually give me a chance to hear my voice? In my life, I’ve been laughed at and made fun of thousands of times. Would the same happen again?

I’m happy to say that most of my experiences have been positive. However, that doesn’t mean I’m 100% happy with things. I’m now a lot older, more observant and know what I want to accomplish with my writing and blogging. This year in general for me has been quite negative. Could that be a sign that I’m simply not cut out to be a blogger anymore?

I have taken hiatuses in the past, but still get the FOMO and the tears of really wanting to open up but feeling unable to. I do appreciate all of the readers and followers that have supported me. With this blog now, I feel like I’m not the right kind of person to have one anymore.

I just really don’t know what to do right now. It sucks because it’s causing me depressive spells. My love of writing seems to have evaporated away altogether. Due to this year’s experiences, I just don’t feel able to write here without feeling proud of what I upload.

I’m so sorry for letting everyone down, but for now, I guess that my blog and I will no longer be close. For now, posts will stay up. My business email will be active. When I post here next, I don’t know.

Thanks again for everything.

Alice x

A Very Bookish Night!- Book Signings Post/New Signed Books!

Hello readers!

It’s Alice here and after having two fizzy raspberry drinks and an iced latte, I’m now tucked up in bed and ready to write about the day’s happenings. Last week, myself and my boyfriend George were invited to a book launch happening at Waterstones Bath. UKYA blogger and writer Lucy Powrie was releasing her debut novel The Paper and Hearts Society and as we both love UKYA and have known Lucy for a while, we decided to spend the evening out with a very excited group of friends, bloggers and writers.

The weather at first proved to be very dull and overcast. I panicked. Would everything turn into a washout? The good news was no. By the time the evening was drawing to a close, there was finally a hint of blue in the June skies that I’ve been longing to see. The Paper and Hearts Society is the first book in a series involving main character Tabby Brown. Right from the get-go, I related to Tabby about the struggles of trying to fit in. The blurb of the novel alone basically sums me up. I rather prefer to read books than go out to night clubs. The story involves a book group, friendship, anxiety representation and LGBTQIA+ rep too. There’s a cat and if you’ve known me for a while, you know that cats are my spirit animal…

On arriving at Waterstones Bath, the first thing both George and I noticed was the donut towers. Yes, we both love donuts! After sipping on raspberry lemonade, more people joined us including my bookish friend Kyra and the twins Maddie and Bee. We’ve all known each other for years and it was lovely to talk about recent reads and our novels in progress/editing stages. I haven’t written as much creatively as I would like to, since I struggle with heavy anxiety. I do have some sort of a story on the go but yep, self-doubt can be a bitch.

The speeches were both emotional and heartwarming, getting my copy signed by Lucy was lovely, as well as sharing memories from the first time we ever met each other (way back in 2016!). Years really do fly by and anything can happen. Also the same signing, I bumped into Mel Darbon who is another local UKYA author to us. She mentioned about a second signing happening around the corner, this time at Mr B’s Emporium (AKA one of my favourite bookshops ever!). It was Julia Green’s book launch for her latest Middle-Grade novel The House Of Light.

After looking at timings for travelling home later in the evening, George and I popped round to the second event. It was lovely seeing other authors sharing their publishing experiences and having a good time. I bumped into one of my old University lecturers who was lovely to catch up with (and JUST GOT A BOOK DEAL TOO EEEEEE). On meeting Julia, I was shy at first to open up about my blogging and writing experiences. But honestly, I’m so glad I did. She gave me some lovely advice, including to keep surrounding myself with supportive people (that’s you George!) and not to race the writing process quickly. Just take plenty of time and let your heart speak out to you.

Julia’s latest release follows two characters Bonnie and Granda, always just the two of them until a chance encounter with a rowing boat and bare-foot boy changes everything. Bonnie wants to look after him, but is scared of having her secret discovered by her enemies. The cover with the lighthouse is super pretty!

The evening was ended with a trip to the MacDonald’s closest to the bus station, time for latte and fries! It was on our buses home that I had this eureka moment, where I really wanted to sit down and write this upload. I have obviously all of my bookish friends and authors to thank for that. But these two events made me realise that I have found my tribe (small quote from Lucy’s event!) since books have generally made me the happiest. It’s also amazing to have found someone on a friendship and romantic level that wants to be a part of the adventure too.

Yes, my social skills are still iffy. But slowly but surely, I’m starting to open up more. I just need to get back onto my writing game for sure!

That concludes this post! A big thank you to everyone past and present that reads this. I’m always active on social media and in particular my Instagram page at if you would like to follow me.

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See you all soon with a new post!

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Beach Reads VS City Escapes- Guest Post!

Hello readers!

Welcome back to my blog. I’m super excited to introduce UKYA author Katy Cannon and her guest post in celebration of her latest release: The Switch-Up! Do you like books reading books at the beach, or in a city park? Maybe a BBQ or a cafe? Here, Katy shares some of her favourite reads with a beach/city feel. The question is, what side are you on?

Beach Reads vs City Escapes

Beach reads:

 Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian. Summer job at an ice cream stall? Isn’t that everyone’s dream job? Even if the new boss is a boy…
 Super Awkward by Beth Garrod. Okay, more of a caravan in Wales read than a beach read (at least, to start with), but lots of cringe, charm and friendship from Bella and mates too once she gets back home! Can Bella’s holiday romance survive a return to reality? 
 Boy meets Hamster by Birdie Milano. Another caravan holiday rec (but Cornwall, this time! I can’t help it. Most of my holidays ever have been in caravans. I have a soft spot…). But this time, 14 year old Dylan is falling for the cute boy in the caravan next door – if he can just avoid his romance being thwarted by a giant hamster mascot…
 Once and for all by Sarah Dessen. It wouldn’t be summer (for me, anyway) without a romantic read from Sarah Dessen. And this one’s all about weddings! Could it be more summery? And can Louna, a romance cynic after the all the weddings she’s seen as the daughter of a famed wedding planner, find faith in happy ever afters again, despite her own experience of tragedy? 
 You Got This by Bryony Gordon. Finishing with some non-fiction. In school, I often found that the long summer break, and being away from home on holiday, was when I started re-evaluating things – who I was and who I wanted to be, amongst others. If you’re like me, this book about being a teenager, teenage mental health, and loving being you, might be right up your street. 

City escapes:

 To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han. The book that spawned the Netflix movie! Crushes, cookies and inappropriate letter writing. Very cute, contemporary YA romance.
 Save the date by Morgan Matson. Another summer wedding story! Charlie, the youngest of five siblings, is excited to have her whole family together for her big sister’s big day. If only literally everything wasn’t going wrong, it would be the perfect wedding. Three chaotic days of story that will make you glad all you need to do is get up and fetch another ice cream before reading some more. 
 Happy Girl Lucky by Holly Smale. First in a new series from the inimitable Holly Smale, this book focuses on the youngest of the incredibly famous Valentine siblings, Hope, as she tries to rewrite her life into a romantic movie… fun, light and summery read spanning London to LA. 
 Heist Society by Ally Carter. I love Ally Carter, I love heist stories and I love this book. I remember reading it obsessively on a rainy holiday (in a caravan in Wales, as it happens) then having to steal WiFi from a nearby café to download the sequels. But with art theft and high stakes hijinks, I’d peg it as your perfect city read.

About The Switch-Up:

Drama queen
Fashion guru
Looks like Alice

Allergic to fashion
Looks like Willa

LAX Departure Lounge. Two girls board the same flight to London as complete strangers. When the plane touches down, it’s the beginning of the craziest plan ever. Can Willa and Alice really swap lives for the summer? Things are going to get complicated…

The first in a fun new series, this summer read is The Parent Trap meets Freaky Friday and is perfect for fans of GEEK GIRL and SUPER AWKWARD.

You can add the book on Goodreads-

Purchase your copy today!-

That concludes this post! A big thank you to Katy and the team at Stripes Books for letting me be a part of the release celebrations for The Switch-Up. Stay tuned for a full review to follow!

Alice x

One Month, Three Readathons and A Ton Of Books!

Hey friends!

It’s Alice here, and I’ve most likely thrown myself into a highly ambitious reading hole, that I need to escape from by ticking reads off my list. Originally, doing one readathon in June was my plan. However, one turned to two and now turned to three. This is not only a confessional post, but a June TBR post kinda sort of, I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. XD


Running for the entire month, my lovely Aussie friends over at the YA Room are back with a new readathon. June is Pride month and to celebrate, the Rainbow Pride Challenge was created. The goal is to read one book featuring a Queer character, per colour of the rainbow. The colour of the rainbow is determined by what colour a book cover is. Here’s my TBR for example!

For example, Not Your Sidekick by C.B Lee has an Orange cover. So, I’ll be reading that novel (hopefully) for that rainbow colour. I’m really bad at explanations, I’m sorry peeps. But definitely follow me for updates across this blog and my Instagram, because you can bet there will be a ton of rainbows present.


(Disclaimer- This is running from June 3rd to June 9th!)

I can hear you screaming from your computer/phone screens. Let’s get something clear, I DON’T NORMALLY READ STEAMY ROMANCE BOOKS AT ALL. So, why the heck have I suddenly become hooked on them? This readathon is being hosted by Riley over at RileyMarie on YT and Lainey from Gingerreadslainey on YT and I believe this is the 3rd round of it? For six days, ya girl will be reading romances and giving the genres of NA Romance/Fantasy Romance a try. Here’s the prompt board for all of the challenges!

And now, the TBR reveal. One book for every square and a bunch of new to me authors to try:

Forbidden Romance- Decidedly Odd Limits (Kobo)

LGBTQ+- Pulling Strings (Kobo)

Fake Dating- Big Rock (Kobo)

New To You Author- Lost In Us (Kobo)

Author of Colour- The Bride Test (Physical copy/also reading for Simsathon)

Enemies to Lovers- Rock You (Kobo)

Out of Your Comfort Zone- Find her, Keep Her (Kobo)

Vacation Romance- Maid For The Rock Star (Kobo)

Different Worlds- Reckless Rescue (iBooks)

Read A Host’s Favourite- Amour Amour (Kindle/Audiobook)

Friends To Lovers- Deal Breakers (Kobo)

One Word Title- Reconstructed (iBooks)

Finish A Book In One Day- King Takes Queen (iBooks)

Second Chance- Every Little Piece (Kobo)

Takes Place in a Foreign Country- Reckless Nights In Rome (Kobo)

Bad Boy/Bad Girl- Good Girl (Kobo)


A readathon inspired by the hit game The Sims? Yes please! I first heard about it from Aprilus Maximus’s channel on YT and obviously, I went and added 30 books to my TBR since I’m trashhhhhh 😝

This readathon is being hosted by Kara over at Bianca Reads, I know that Lauren over at Wonderless Reviews designed the graphics (which are amazing) for the challenge prompts. For anyone interested, here are the lists of challenges:

Due to the long lengths of my TBR for this particular readathon, I will be sharing the full list in a separate upload at a later date. There’s a variety of authors and genres that will be featured!

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Blog Tour: This Is Me

Hello readers!

Welcome back to my blog, this time for the This Is Me tour post! This post will contain a full review as well as purchase links and more details about the author. This is Me is a stand-alone adult contemporary novel released in May 2019 by Aria Fiction!

This is… Denise. 

Married to Ray, her first and only love, Denise has never for one moment regretted putting the husband she idolised on a pedestal above everyone and everything else. But, after forty years of marriage, he is gone, leaving Denise to discover that their perfect marriage was fatally flawed. Now she faces a future alone, but first she must face the betrayals of the past.

This is… Claire. 

The estranged daughter of Denise, the woman who put her husband before her children, Claire took the opposite path and devoted her life to raising her her family, sacrificing her marriage along the way. With her teenage sons about to flee the nest, she realises she may have left it too late to find her own happy ever after. 

This is the story of two women, both alone, both cautionary tales of one of motherhood’s biggest decisions. 

Who is more important, your partner or your children? And what happens if you make the wrong choice?

Buy Links:




Google Play-

Review: Two women, a mother and a daughter and both have very similar life experiences. Set in the 1970s and the present day, This Is Me is a powerful and raw novel that explores life between one family in Glasgow throughout the decades. Where hidden secrets, some very shocking are revealed for the first time. With an array of characters with their own traits and stories, this contemporary read had its happy, sad and surprising moments. Shari’s writing style pulled me in from the first chapter. I loved the duel POVs between main characters Denise and Claire, as well as the use of 1970s songs tying into the plotline. The pacing was quick and the format easy to read!

Shari Low is the No1 best-selling author of over 20 novels, including One Day In December, A Life Without You, The Story Of Our Life, With Or Without You and her latest release, Another Day In Winter. 
And because she likes to over-share toe-curling moments and hapless disasters, she is also the shameless mother behind a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. 
Once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and twenty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband, a labradoodle, and two teenagers who think she’s fairly embarrassing except when they need a lift. 
For all the latest news, visit her on Facebook, twitter, or at

That concludes this tour post! A big thank you to Shari and Aria Fiction for letting me be a part of the tour. See you all soon with a new upload!

You can visit Aria Fiction at their website:

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Blog Tour: Stay A Little Longer

Hello readers!

Welcome back to my blog, this time for the Stay A Little Longer blog Tour! This is an international promotional tour for a Romance novel, as hosted by The Nocturnal Fey and The Royal Polar Bear Reads. This post will contain a full review, more details about the author and where you can purchase a copy of the book. So, without further ado, here is the post!

They were perfect strangers—all perks, no strings. Until they weren’t.

Elan wasn’t supposed to meet Caty. She lived halfway around the world, and he barely left Manila. Yet here he was, giving her a ride to the airport. Convinced that they would never have to see each other again after that day, Elan and Caty started to bond over truths, dares, stolen kisses, and games in hotel rooms and bars.

With brief encounters that turned them from acquaintances to friends — tipping to the point of lovers, always — will Elan and Caty keep settling for a day, or will someone finally dare to stay long enough to discover: Is this love?



REVIEW: This was a cute standalone Romance novel, that is dialogue driven and includes a variety of characters. With a range of prose, text messages and phone calls, Stay A Little Longer for me worked well with the use of various medias to help tell the story. Main character Elan hasn’t really left the Philippines but after meeting Caty at the airport, it’s a strangers to friends and possibly lovers story that takes you not just around The Philippines but New York City (aka one of the places I’ve always wanted to go to). It was also refreshing to read a story featuring characters from a country that I don’t read much about, but have always been interested to.

The pacing was good throughout, with a quick romantic flair. A story that I enjoyed reading. I look forward to reading the author’s next book!

Dawn Lanuza writes contemporary romance, young adult fiction and prose poetry. She has two first loves – music and writing – and is lucky enough to surround herself with them. She currently lives with her family and a very loved cream toy poodle.

She sometimes blogs at

That concludes this tour post! A big thank you to the author Dawn and the team over at The Royal Polar Bear Reads and The Nocturnal Fey for letting me be a part of the tour. See you all soon for a new post!

Alice x