Mental Health- How I Self-Manage My Depression.

Hello readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here and during that time, I have realised and witnessed new people subscribing to this blog or my other one (Alice Reads Classics) which is awesome and thanks for the support! But a few new readers have asked about my mental health and how I try to live with Depression on a regular basis so this post will explain all.

So, I was 18 when diagnosed with mild Depression but just because it’s mild doesn’t mean I don’t have really rough, dark patches. It’s like a storm cloud just stuck to your head which won’t fade away. I don’t take any medication for it nor have I had CBT or any sort of therapy.

My moods literally do come and go like the click of a finger and it’s the times when I’m in front of my loved ones such as my family or boyfriend that when it does hit, it hits the hardest since I don’t want others to witness my sudden change in behaviour.

Going back to education with Depression is not going to be an easy battle but it’s educating so that the other students/teachers/parents understand more about when the Depression comes and what to do when it does come.

What really helps me is writing, keeping your mind active either through baking or doing a crossword or listening to loud music through my headphones to block out surrounding noise.

If anyone has any further questions that you would like to ask me about my mental health journey, please comment below in the comments section of this post or tweet me @MarriedToBooks3 on my Twitter. 

Thanks for reading.

Alice x