Being An Online Writer- Q+A and Experiences!

Hello all! Time for a blog post about none other than my creative writing and how my current works are going. So, I joined Tablo Publishing two months ago and in that short amount of time, I’ve uploaded and written short stories, poetry and my ongoing YA novel that I started for Nanowrimo. Because there has been some interest surrounding my writing, I decided to make this post and hopefully answer the questions that you may have that you wanted to ask me.

Q1- Why post works online?

For the very basic reason that I just couldn’t keep my writing to myself XD but on a more serious note, I wanted to see what total strangers thought of my writing and the quickest and cheapest way to do that was to start posting online.

Q2- Have you seen a strong interest in your works?

There have been some Twitter followers interested and the beauty of being on Tablo is that you don’t need an account if you actually just want to read my works. You only need one if you would like to leave a comment on any of the chapters or follow me to be notified of new updates.

Q3- How have your family/friends reacted to your online works?

I don’t really show all of my writing to them but the parts that both my Mum and boyfriend have read, they have enjoyed but obviously their feedback will be a bit biased since they’re my loved ones and even though it’s scary to ask for constructive criticism, you kind of need that as a writer.

Q4- What are your current stats?

Across all of my online and publicly posted works on Tablo, I have 406 reads and a total of 18 followers. The most buzz has been on my Nanowrimo novel Letters To Myself which has 266 reads and 17 favourites, which shows that lots of readers have been giving my writing a try.

Q5- Do you have further plans to continue posting writing online?

I do have lots of stories and poems that I would most definitely like to bring to life to an online audience. It will take time and patience in order to succeed but due to the stats I mentioned in Q4, I think my current method is the right way to go about promoting my works to others.


Q6- What has it been like posting your Nanowrimo novel?

Terrifying, I won’t lie about that but what I will say is the best way to get over that fear is just to keep writing and posting, not suddenly stop. I know unexpected things get in the way of life but keep your readers posted and uploads regular.

Q7- Have you finished your novel yet?

Not at the moment but I hope to by the end of January 2018 to kick off the writing year on a roll with a finished novel and exciting plans to develop and promote further with new storylines and characters.

Final question, where can we support you and your writing?

You can follow my online writing here on Tablo Publishing, it’s free to join and there’s no pressure to post anything if you don’t want to:

Add my Twitter which I am active on daily:

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Alice x



#Blogmas Day 3: An Online Writing Milestone!

I’ve been busy writing and uploading more of my Nanowrimo chapters to Tablo Publishing, a free online writing website I discovered last month after their Twitter account followed mine. It seemed like a great place to upload my stories and poetry too. Mainly, very quiet in regards to number of users online but the interface and actual genres available to write under are great. A few minutes ago, I noticed this on my Tablo profile.


So, to break things down for you!

  • I currently have 7 followers which is good however, I have been actively promoting around on social media my profiles but very few have seemed to take a genuine interest into following it. Maybe because it’s not Wattpad (I do have one but hardly ever use it) or because they are worried that making an account costs, it doesn’t, it’s completely free and you don’t have to upload anything, just reading and reviewing writing is totally fine.
  • I have 221 reads across my 4 published works on my profile, they are 2 completed short stories, a book of poetry and my Nanowrimo novel.
  • As of right now, the total number of words I’ve uploaded to Tablo is in excess of 37,700 words and is set to grow quickly.

So readers! It would mean a lot to me if you could stop by on my Tablo profile and follow, doing this means you are supporting my writing projects and joining me in my adventure to become a published author and a successful online writer.

Link to my Tablo profile: 

Thanks for reading, do you write and post stories online too? I’d love to know!

Alice x

#Blogmas Day 1: I Won Nanowrimo!

Hello readers!

For the next 24 days (including today’s post), I will be uploading a post to my blog each evening around 8PM GMT (3PM East Coast time, 7AM Melbourne/Sydney time) either on the themes of books, creative writing, mental health and tea. I’ve never done Blogmas before so I’m really excited to bring something new to my blog and hopefully, connect with other bloggers in the process. To kickstart the whole adventure, I’m blogging about the fact that on my eighth attempt at a Nanowrimo event, I finally won! But it was a close one, so let’s discuss.

In total during the month of November, I wrote 50,320 words which is the most I’ve ever written in a single month and the longest writing project that’s ever been brought to life. The number of times a novel has tried to be completed is in the hundreds. Letters To Myself which was my main project name is currently unfinished BUT will aim to be completely finished by Monday of next week since I’m only a few chapters away. It’s been a wild ride, definitely learning that not writing for a few days in a row can actually hinder your motivation a lot. Time management was a huge key to being a participant this year since I did (and still do) have assignments out which take a while to finish.

Even though I did have a chapter breakdown and additional notes on the characters throughout, my general mood and tone changed a lot during the mid-way point of Nanowrimo. A once silly and planned lighthearted read actually turned into a deeper and tough read, without wanting to give too much away, Morwenna (main character) goes through a sudden life change that sparks a new chapter in her world. The chapters that I have posted online to Tablo so far seemed to be easy to read and attracting a nice little audience. Winning the 50K challenge has shown to me for sure that once you put your mind to it, things can be accomplished. Next goal is to keep on writing and having a creative time with my characters! 

Did you participate in this year’s event? Are you a winner? If so, comment down below and share your experiences!

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My Novel Could Get Published?!?!- Week 1 Nanowrimo Check-In!

Hello readers!

The first week of November Nanowrimo 2017 is over and during this time, I started out strong on day one writing over 5,000 words and then going without writing for three days and feeling very slumpy. Yesterday when I was unwell and in bed wondering what to do to help take my mind off things, I started to write and another 3,000 words somehow had appeared in my documents. So, here is Nanowrimo for me in a series of tweets!

This is my current novel word count above as this post is going live!

My joy in one tweet about reaching 10,000 words yesterday on my novel!


My victory of Day 1’s final word count!

Even though I didn’t make it into 10,000 words on Day 2 despite my best efforts, this tweet got a lot of love which really surprised me! ❤

Now, onto the most exciting part of this blog post. The fact that my novel could be selected for publication! However, it does depend on reader engagement stats such as reads, likes and follows. I started posting my Nanowrimo novel Letters To Myself on Tablo, a free online writing website where you can upload stories, poems and meet other writers. In just a few days, Letters To Myself was trending across the whole of Tablo and a small fanbase starting to emerge.

I really need your help though! To help achieve my dream of getting published or even finding an agent or being considered for publication, please read my novel on Tablo here:  and follow me on Tablo as well: Your support means the world to me, its free to sign-up and the range of stories available to read on the website itself such as YA Fiction and Short Stories means that you’ll never feel bored!

That’s it for this post, thanks so much everyone for reading and supporting. Stay tuned for week 2’s check-in post to see if my novel is a success or a failure.

Alice x

Announcing My Nanowrimo 2017 Project: Letters To Myself!

October 29th 2017

Guys, I have some serious news that I would like to share with you. Full-time student Alice is about to tackle another hurdle to her already planned busy November 2017, participating in this year’s Nanowrimo, a global writing event where the aim is to write 50,000 words by the end of the month.

This post will be announcing important details surrounding my project and ways that you can read it and support me in the process! So, without further ado, get excited for the book…

My project title is Letters To Myself, it’s a UKYA Contemporary with a few Paranormal elements thrown in because I like to scare XD but it will all be written in the form of letters. I have written in letter form before and honestly, I found it a lot of fun and creative. So, I’m bringing it back!

One girl, one year, fifty-two letters.

Letters To Myself will follow the life and experiences of main character, seventeen year old Morwenna as she navigates through the worlds of sixth form, leaving childhood, first love and grief. A coming of age story where life lessons will be learnt and shared, written down and kept hidden away from nosy eyes belonging to her brother and friends.

The recommended reading age for this story is 15+ and is a standalone novel. Morwenna is inspired by some of my own habits and hobbies and the surrounding areas where she lives, inspired by my own city living experiences.

Letters To Myself will be available to read online on Tablo and Penana, two free online writing websites, both have mobile apps which you can purchase from the App Store.

I’m really excited to work on Letters To Myself, this will be the fourth time participating in the main November event but I’ve never won. Hopefully this is the year? We’ll have to wait and see!

Add me as a buddy on Nanowrimo:

Also super close to 900 followers on Twitter, add me there to see daily progress tweets on my writing:

That’s all for this post, will be back tomorrow with a blog tour stop! Thanks for reading and supporting, see you all soon!

Alice x

Trying To Write Stories Again.

June 9th 2017- Coming off the back of pulling an all-nighter to watch with baited breath the results of the general election here in England, I realised that my future and the steps I take will be extremely important. In life, sometimes you have to experience the dark clouds to find light at the end of the tunnel. Where I live, the voting turnout was great. The results were declared at around 3am and going the way of the person I wanted to see as MP. It was a shock to be honest as the polls predicted otherwise but now, this turn of events gives me hope for the first time in a long while. So, why does creative writing come into this? I’ll explain.

I really want to see Creative Writing as a huge part of my future but in the last few years, that has rapidly decreased to just a fingertip of a dream. The hundreds of projects that I started but never finished, the word documents left untouched for months, I was mortified. I mean, this is a blogger who wants to study Creative Writing and Publishing at University and yet, she isn’t able to finish something? I was told by some people not to go to University at all, that I would have better luck working as a secretary in a office. No! That’s not where I see myself.

But with this small light of hope for my home city, this positive change has started to set a motivational boost for me. I don’t want to write a story about politics but I do want to write and create characters that become positive role modals for others, stories that don’t paint a damp picture but radiant a bright sunshine.

As I prepare to start writing online again, all I can hope for is that readers give me a second chance to start and finish the stories I want to tell.

Alice x   Image result for writing in a notebook