Why I #LoveAudio!- Promotional Post with HarperCollins Publishers.

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I am on the bloggers mailing list for HarperCollins UK, each month, I get sent this awesome email with a list of books that are on promotional tours (so, I can sign up for tours basically) or other events. This week, they are celebrating all things audio! Audiobooks are awesome, so I knew that I just had to get involved. Since I’m a little camera shy, a video for me right now was out of the question. However, I would love to share my experiences of listening to audiobooks, as well as some exclusive links to some new releases so that you can add something new to your collection. This is not a paid for promotion, it is 100% my interest to promote the #LoveAudio week onto my blog.

So, why do I love audio? For me, there’s lots of reasons why. But I can’t turn this post into an academic essay since we would be here for ten years. Audiobooks for me, was a fun listening experience by simply popping a disc into a CD player next to bed. I used to listen to childrens fairytales when I was an infant before moving onto comedy such as the live Dad’s Army recordings (that I still own… somewhere). My favourite audiobook is about famous people in history. It sparked my creative imagination, I was travelling around the world but never leaving my bedroom. When I was still in primary school, I struggled to sleep and keep to a general routine. I suffered from terrible nightmares but everything changed when audiobooks came into my life. The voices of the narrators used to soothe me to a great extent. I was memorised. Sadly, that special CD player broke. But audiobooks not only helped me physically and mentally, it helped me creatively too.

As a storyteller, I am inspired by real events that we, as humans on Earth experience on a everyday basis. Audiobooks helped me to learn more about character development, the actions that characters throughout the stories and poetry took and the positive effects and sometimes, negative effects as a result. After listening to stories, I started to write my own and then record them into little audio clips. Most, I have since deleted after one day experiencing a depressive mood and then deleting awkward audio I used to save. I never liked drama at school but in front of a microphone, I was myself in a completely new world that I had dreamed up all on my own. My ambition one day, is to record an audiobook version of one of my ancestor’s greatest works. My connection to the Scottish-Georgian writer Tobias Smollett, gave me a literary work full of great plot twists that would be fun to record on audio. The Expedition of Humphry Clinker is the title, keeping the love of books and writing in the family would be a dream come true. Hoping that day will arrive very soon!

Lots of us have busy lives, I am about to start University this coming September and most of the time, a physical book to read on travels wouldn’t be an option. With an audiobook, I can just sit back on the seat, close my eyes and let the power of someone else’s voice take me away somewhere else. I do love authors that record audio versions of their creative work themselves because it’s just fun to hear what an author’s voice actually sounds like through headphones. I completely support the growing services and developments of new audio releases and after this, I plan to promote lots more audio content across my social medias.

Now, onto the fun part! Here on this post to share are three brand new audio releases from a variety of genres. All of them will contain links to download and more information about the storyline. Stay tuned until the very end for a very exciting giveaway opportunity. Without further ado, here are the audio releases for #LoveAudio Week!


How To Keep A Secret by Sarah Morgan:

This summer one family will discover that together, they can do anything.

Three generations of Stewart women, all with secrets to keep…

Matriarch Nancy knows she hasn’t been the best mother but how can she ever tell her daughters the reason why? Lauren and Jenna are as close as two sisters can be and they made a pact years ago to keep a devastating secret from their mother – but is it time to come clean? Lauren’s teenage daughter Mackenzie masks her own pain by keeping her mother at a distance. Her mother, aunt and grandmother keep trying to reach her but will it take a stranger to show her the true meaning of family?

When life changes in an instant, the Stewart women are thrown together for a summer and suddenly they must relearn how to be a family. And whilst unravelling their secrets might be their biggest challenge, it could also be their finest moment . . .

ME- I actually won a physical ARC copy for review, stay tuned for my full review to come!

_LoveAudio week (Tessa Dare) SH

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare:


‘I am a Duke. I’m not asking you to marry me. I am offering to marry you. It’s a different thing entirely.’

When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war scarred, he realises he needs an heir – which means he needs a wife! When Emma Gladstone, a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress visits wearing a wedding dress, he decides on the spot that she’ll do.

His terms are simple:
They will be husband and wife by night only.
No lights, no kissing.
No questions about his battle scars.
Last, and most importantly… Once she’s pregnant with his heir, they need never share a bed again.

But Emma is no pushover. She has secrets and some rules of her own:
They will have dinner together every evening.
With conversation.
And teasing.
Last, and most importantly… Once she’s seen the man beneath the scars, he can’t stop her from falling in love…


Close Your Eyes by Darren O’Sullivan:


He doesn’t know his name. He doesn’t know his secret.

When Daniel woke up from a coma he had no recollection of the life he lived before. Now, fourteen years later, he’s being forced to remember.

A phone call in the middle of the night demands he return what he stole – but Daniel has no idea what it could be, or who the person on the other end is. He has been given one warning, if he doesn’t find out his family will be murdered.

Rachael needs to protect her son. Trapped with no way out she will do anything to ensure they survive. But sometimes mothers can’t save their children and her only hope is Daniel’s memory.


Finally, there is an exciting giveaway opportunity… To win a year’s Audible subscription! For more details on how to enter the giveaway, click on this link: http://www.pages06.net/harlequinuk/LoveAudiocomp/love-audio-social/ The giveaway closes for entries on the 17th June 2018!

For more details on the #LoveAudio week, stop by their official website: https://www.loveaudio.org.uk/

That concludes this blog post! Leave in the comments section below why you love audiobooks. What’s your favourite audiobook? Which one/ones are you currently listening to? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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My Experience At Bath Children’s Literature Festival! (Free books, new friends, lots of laughs).

Hello readers! Over the last week and a bit, I’ve been a very busy bee with College classes starting to release out first assignments and also working on some creative writing projects which for the time being, I am keeping extremely hush hush. But today’s post (as if the title didn’t already give things away) is about the four events that I went to for the Bath Children’s Literature Festival which ended today on October 8th. I didn’t go to the festival last year and honestly, that was a stupid mistake because there were books that I wanted to get signed by the authors so when the opportunity to go to some events this year surfaced, I jumped on the bandwagon determined to attend and get some books signed. Dear friends, that’s exactly what happened. So, what events did I go too and who did I meet? I will share everything…

Saturday 30th September

The first event was held at the Guildhall in the centre of Bath and for my boyfriend, this would be his first ever book event. The topic was Horror because if you know me well, you know that I love to read and write Horror stories. The authors discussing their books were Sharon Gosling (wrote Fir) and Alex Bell (who wrote Frozen Charlotte, a Zoella book club pick) and the panel chaired by Lou Morgan who also has written a YA Horror story called Sleepless which I am so adding to my TBR because October is the perfect time of year to read scary books. It was also very timely that the event started just as the sun started to set outside making the whole atmosphere feel very creepy. Nevertheless, myself and my boyfriend both enjoyed learning about Fir and Frozen Charlotte, the inspirations for them and some very spooky legends with one about a vampire for example… oooooh… I did sleep well after hearing about the legends by the way XD

Bath is quite well known for having lots of partygoers out on a Saturday night so by the time things wrapped up, it was gone 7PM and the bars were full with loud chatter and the constant kicking around in the streets of beer bottles. After my boyfriend walked me back to the bus station, I was able to get home safely without any trouble and in the meantime, admired the two gorgeous scary books signed by the authors!


Thursday 5th October

The second event I attended, this time alone was the Learning To Write For Young People discussion with three authors who had gone on to complete the writing MA at Bath Spa Uni which is my dream MA and chatted about their experiences as a student in University and how they researched their stories to help with characters and world-building. I purchased my ticket on the door which was extremely lucky as the room in the Guildhall was close to a sell-out. Taking my notepad and pen with me (as well as lugging around all my College books), I sat and took notes about the writing MA as well as general tips for planning novels and writing to deadlines. Sadly, I couldn’t stay for the signing afterwards as it was gone 8PM and I had early classes the next day. The authors that attended and spoke at the event were Jess Butterworth (writer of MG novel Running on the Roof of the World), Amy Wilson (writer of MG novel A Girl Called Owl) and Sarah Driver (writer of a YA trilogy titled The Huntress with the first and second book available for purchase). This panel was chaired by YA author Julia Green who also is a tutor on the MA that I would love to do the most: Writing For Young People. Overall, I found the event to be useful and relatable, there were students there studying Creative Writing at University, other writers currently querying novels. It was loud and I knew no-one else there but still, I was pleased that I did go along. It cemented my passion and drive to study Creative Writing and nothing else.

This was the only photo I took at the event as the crowd started to build up in time for the proceedings to begin.


Sunday 8th October

The final day of the entire festival in which the main theme of events was YA. All of the YA events took place in a small but cosy entertainment venue called the Komedia which was a brisk walk to get to for me and my boyfriend. A late bus almost spoiled the fun as I was afraid of being alone around other teens/adults attending the events that I didn’t know personally at all but in the nick of time, both of us collected tickets and headed in. The first event we went to was a panel hosted by Lucy over at LucyTheReader on Twitter and YouTube and featured the authors Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison (Co-authors of three books for YA: Lobsters, Never Evers and Freshers) along with Lauren James (writer of The Loneliest Girl In The Universe) and discussed about the perils of co-writing and um, writing fan-fiction in space? It was an interesting panel to watch and in particular for my boyfriend who is still so new to this whole reviewing malarkey. Both of us were able to grab a free ARC of upcoming YA release The Fandom written by Anna Day and out in January 2018, the boyfriend’s first ARC too!

The signing afterwards was a lot of fun, I had my copy of Freshers signed and quickly chatted to Lucy as well as another blogger who I will chat about more later in this post. Afterwards, myself and the boyfriend went to a bagel place in town that I had been to on a number of occasions in the past with a friend and had lunch followed by a trip to T2 to grab some takeaway teas, he an iced one, myself a hot one before having a brief look in Waterstones at books because the book festival duh 😛

After saying our goodbyes, I then on the door managed to purchase a ticket for the final YA event of the day and entire festival, a panel hosted by Lauren James and with authors Lucy Saxon (writer of Take Back The Skies), Maggie Harcourt (writer of Unconventional) and Frances Hardinge (writer of The Lie Tree) as they discussed fandoms and cosplaying which up until now, I had no idea what cosplay even meant. Now I do know what it means. At this event, I sat with Kyra over at http://www.blogofabookaholic.blogspot.com who I met on Twitter earlier this year and on discovering that we actually live quite locally to each other, decided to hang out and that was very enjoyable. We were also with Matthew and all three of us talked books before and after the panel.

I purchased at the panel a copy of Unconventional by Maggie Harcount to have signed and she asked me who I would cosplay as, my reply was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. To be honest, I don’t really like wearing fancy dress that much but maybe one day it will happen, who knows?

Here are some images from YA Day including the book haul from the events I attended:

The panel with Tom, Lucy, Lauren and Lucy.


The panel with Maggie, Lucy, Lauren and Frances.


The book haul from YA Day, free books that were given out that I was able to collect were: The Fandom, A Taxonomy of Love, Renegades and Kaleidoscope Song.


I am feeling really sad that the Children’s Literature Festival is over for another year, 2018 can’t come soon enough! Thanks to the Festival and the authors for a great time and events, I’ve definitely learnt more about the writing and publishing process as well as giggled over embarrassing stories about University (credit to Lucy’s panel for that) and met some lovely people and to top that off, introducing my boyfriend to reading and reviewing YA!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments section below if you have been to any book events or literature festivals recently and the 2018 YA releases that you are anticipating the most. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter over at http://www.Twitter.com/MarriedToBooks3 to be the first to know about books I am currently reading or writing (at least trying to write) and say happy birthday to my cats because both of them turn eight today!

Alice x

PS, Really big ask but I missed the first event at YA Day today and all of the ARCs for The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert had been taken. Anyone know if any spare ARCs are going for this book, it is on my top 10 most anticipated YA Releases of 2018 list, thanks!