Reading Ahead- National Reading Challenge (My Selection!)

imageMy first reading challenge that I’ve participated in this year and hopefully not the last. Reading Ahead is a UK reading challenge set in Further Education Colleges across the country where students sign up and read six books of their choice selected from the fiction section in their College library. As you can see from my selection in the photo above, I have quite a weird variety. I would like also to mention my apologises for the delayed blog post. Some really rough things happened to me away from the internet, I lost a guy, another couple of people that I called friends and my own will to get out of my bedroom without shedding a single tear. It’s still uncomfortable now but I’m trying to keep this blog up to date.

If you count the books on my pile, you will notice 7 books. No, it’s not because I can’t count properly, it’s because one of the books on that pile will be a DNF for me so I decided to replace it with something else. Here are the list of books on the pile from top to bottom. Titles and authors!

Game of Thrones by George R R Martin

The Inheritance by Jenny Pitman (This is the DNF story, you will know why in a second.)

Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy

Girl With A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

One Day by David Nicholls

That’s the pile. Now, the DNF story The Inheritance is because it didn’t say anywhere in the book that it was like the 3rd/4th book in a series. I have no idea what has happened in the past books since they keep referring things that happened in past books back through the pages of this one. So, I gave up about 20 pages in and replaced it with Game of Thrones! My mum was horrified when she saw it, sorry mum. I’m sensible, don’t you worry.

Alice xx



Getting The Trilogy

For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember me mentioning that I managed to do a deal with a bookshop owner (who runs an independent bookshop about fifteen minutes away from where I live) over a set of books. Well, last night, I finally got my hands on them. Yay!

Just a refresher for anyone who may be new, I spotted a book on the sale table for just £1 that really caught my eye. At first, I thought that it was the second book in this trilogy since I knew it quite well. However, on inspection with my mum and the bookshop owner, it was the final book in the trilogy. Bad news was that the bookshop didn’t stock the first two books and I felt a little downhearted. I pictured myself sitting by the computer at home making a somewhat expensive order to get the other two books and having to wait a century for them to arrive. Good news was that I happened to mention I review and blog about books and the bookshop owner said that he could get the other two books to me within five days for a discounted price. I was thrilled.

One lesson learnt. Always go to a bookshop later on in the day when it’s empty. Plenty of book deals made then 😉

So, on Tuesday afternoon, we got a phone call from the bookshop to say that the books had arrived but my dad wasn’t able to pick them up until yesterday. It felt great reading the trilogy at last. I first saw it back in summer 2014 when a twitter user tweeted about how good it was so by then, I was more than determined to get the trilogy but for a good price.

And the trilogy is called… The Slated Trilogy by Teri Terry! It’s YA, futuristic, adventure, dystopian feels somewhat. I don’t know about you but the book cover for the first book looked absolutely gorgeous. So, I’ll leave a picture of it here to finish my blog post. I’ll hopefully be posting my review of the trilogy altogether on my blog as well as separate reviews for each of the books in the trilogy on Goodreads by the end of February at least. I’m working on another reading project that you will hear about on a different blog post. I will try to post that later or tomorrow. Alice


My Obsession with Instagram and YouTube

It’s funny, it’s so, so funny. And addictive. *sighs* but let’s get down to business!

What I love about Instagram is the millions of book pictures and posts by authors, book stores, book bloggers, everything booktastic is there. I still haven’t decided on my favourite Bookstagram (basically stands for an Instagram profile with books and reading matters on it) profile but with YouTube, that’s a totally different story!

I follow like 12 booktubers or book related accounts. I’ve picked out my top six just for you!

First is Penguin Platform. They are a channel run by some people from the publishers Penguin and it is designed for Young Adult readers. They run book giveaway contests every month with five brand new books. I entered in January’s haul so my fingers are crossed to see who will win the five books. There’s a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction on offer.

Next is Little Book Owl also known as Catriona. I love her book hauls and videos. She is really passionate about books and loves YA fiction just like me!

Then, we have Katytastic! Kat’s book collecting is just amazing, everytime she does a new book haul, my jaw literally drops because I either fangirl because a book she got is one of my favourites or she gets a story with a gorgeous book cover that I swoon or jump for joy at.

I do follow this person on Goodreads as well. Her name is Kassidy Voinche and all I can say is: Give me your bookshelves. No seriously Kassidy, your taste in books is just off the charts. On display, she has lots of gorgeous hardcover copies of books like Divergent and other YA Fiction.

I follow a male booktuber and his channel name is Jessethereader. I enjoy watching his book hauls the most as well as bookshelves tours since I like readers/book collectors that collect a wide variety of things.

Finally, my personal favourite. Wait for it, wait for it… SASHA AKA ABOOKUTOPIA!! Yay! My mum very recently told me that because my room is going to get redone since it is basically looking like a rubbish tip that I could have the same bookshelves as here!  I’m super excited to get them and give my book piles on the floor their new home. I love her taste in books too and her videos are always a great joy to watch. She’s passionate and funny, she reviews books on Goodreads. She’s really well known on the booktuber scene. My personal favourite video of hers was a book haul with over 40 books in! Thanks for giving me dreams with books in for a week afterwards girl! 😉

Check them out and if you really want to see book candy, just search on YouTube Book Haul and enjoy! 🙂



My Book Buying Spree

I tend to buy tons more books if I’m in a sad, bad or just angry type of mood. I really don’t know why, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Don’t get me wrong, I buy books when I’m happy also but it doesn’t quite feel the same.

On Friday, the one just gone, I decided to escape the walls of the College I attend just to sneak away to a charity book shop just a few doors away from where I study. At first, I thought that the shop was closed as signs were plastered all over the door but to my relief, it stated that it would be closed between the date today and this Friday. So, I went in.

I came out a few moments later, one book discoverer triumph. Three YA books for my enjoyment. I read one later that evening within the hour. This Raging Light by Estelle Laure. An uncorrected proof copy but then again, the £12.99 priced book had only just been released within the last week or so. It was a 3 star read for me since there were parts which the flow of the story was choppy and it reminded me of a few books that I had read by Jacqueline Wilson (Lily Alone, Lola Rose).

The other two books which are at the top of a stack of books in my room are Geek Girl and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I was late to the party for both of these books but I smiled deep down inside.

The following day, I went to an indie bookstore and did a deal with the guy who ran it. Being a book blogger/reviewer, I found on the sale table a copy of the final book in the Slated trilogy by Teri Terry. The other two books weren’t in stock in the shop however, I managed to strike up a deal with him to get the first and second books for a discounted rate as long as I read and reviewed them. Which I plan to do on this blog once the time comes.

Today, I went to see my dad at work. I like the fact that he works for the library service since that means he is the first person to know about old books for sale. After a really crappy morning at my College, I went along to see him and check out the stock. I had quite a bit of fun. It may have been on just one trolley but I walked away with eight books, all YA fiction that I will be reading and reviewing as soon as I get through this little challenge that I am working on (more to follow about that on a separate blog post).

As I type this, a copy of the first book in the Game of Thrones series sits by my hand waiting for me to read. No, that wasn’t one of the books that I had brought from the library but they have the first four books in the College library. Hmmm… maybe I’ll be taking that out for a midnight read 😉


My First Post

Welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to showcase what books I am either interested in reading, have read and therefore sharing my thoughts on them or anything book related that catches my eye.

I also have Social Media contacts including my twitter (marriedtobooks3) My Facebook page (In the search bar, it’s Married To Books- Goodreads Reviewer) My Instagram which is regularly updated with books that I buy and read (marriedtobooks44) and my Goodreads profile which is

Alice x