Lots of us like books, lots of us like to read. I guess I’m just one of those people.

My name is Alice and am a teen book blogger/reviewer and writer from England. Where I’m based is full of bookstores and fairs, cheap places to buy and read books. It’s not London but I’ve been there. My claim to fame when it came to reading books was aged just two alongside with my second cousin (who sadly passed away in 2006) reading a copy of the Dorset phone directory together. If there’s two things that I enjoyed whilst at school, they were letters and numbers.

I started to notice as I got older how high my reading age and ability were compared to my actual age. At one point, my reading age was nearly three years older than myself which made me realise that I had discovered something truly remarkable in me that I never thought I would have. The majority of teens that I see around go out clubbing or hang around loud places. I’ve never really been in that group.

When I first started Married To Books Reviews and Blog, I was battling through life as a full-time computing student. After much deliberation, I decided that the technical route was not the right one for me and left at the start of May 2016 to explore other opportunities. As a bookworm, I was constantly teased by others from my age group about my love of books which also prompted my decision to leave.

I read books mainly in my bedroom but also on the go and sometimes during lunch breaks. I also am the owner of a kindle e-book reader and the amount of freebies I buy constantly is highly amusing.

My strongest reading/writing genres are Teen Fiction but within the last two years, I have branched out to other genres such as Adult Psychological Thrillers, ChickLit, New Adult and Paranormal Romances. My bedroom is literally full to the brim of books.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog, hope that you enjoy reading my reviews and feel free to comment on them if they get your attention.

Alice x


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