Review Policy

CURRENT STATUS: CLOSED for Review Requests! OPEN for blog tour/promotional opportunities!

On average, I get between 5-25 requests a week!

If you would like me to review your story, there are some important points that you will need to know before sending me a request.

  • I do review all genres but my main ones are YA or Psychological Thrillers.
  • No self-help, non-fiction or student/teacher romances.
  • I do accept LGBT Fiction requests.
  • I receive review copies mainly in ePub or PDF form.
  • Let me know if your book is on NetGalley, since I review NG books on Mobi.
  • I do review series but none longer than 8 books.
  • Your story must be listed on Goodreads since I have a fanbase there and those followers would be the first to see my review.
  • Do not spam me with Review Requests, this is a pet peeve of me which will result in an automatic delete.
  • I review honestly, short, sweet but gets to the point type of review. If you can’t accept honest feedback, don’t send me a Review Request!
  • If I am not snowed under with review requests, waiting time is normally between 1-3 weeks.

I do accept physical copies of books for review if you would like to send your book to me through the mail rather than e-mail. In your email/message, just state that as the case!

When you send me a Review Request, let me know the length of your story (approx word count, number of pages), main genre and a summary of the book. I do accept 98% of Review Requests but have had to decline some if the story isn’t for me or I generally feel I’m not the right kind of person to review it.

My reviews would be posted on my Goodreads account where over 2,100+ users follow my reviews, here on this blog and a short summary posted on my Twitter account: @marriedtobooks3.

I’m a 4x Top 40 UK Best Reviewer on Goodreads, active everyday on there sharing my love of books.

You can either tweet me on Twitter: @marriedtobooks3

Message me on Goodreads: Marriedtobooks44.

Or send an email to my business email address:

If I am closed to reviews and don’t answer your request, its because I’m really snowed under and have to finish those first.

Alice x