Review Policy

CURRENT STATUS: CLOSED for Review Requests! I aim to re-open for requests by the end of January 2018, thanks for understanding!

On average, I get between 5-25 requests a week!

If you would like me to review your story, there are some important points that you will need to know before sending me a request.

  • My book reviewing percentage is 75% YA Fiction, 25% Middle-Grade/Adult Fiction so I do read and review more YA than anything else.
  • No self-help, non-fiction or student/teacher romances.
  • I do accept LGBT Fiction requests.
  • I receive review copies mainly in ePub or PDF form.
  • Let me know if your book is on NetGalley, since I review NG books on Mobi.
  • I do review series but no longer than 8 books.
  • Your story must be listed on Goodreads since I have a fanbase there and those followers would be the first to see my review.
  • Do not spam me with Review Requests, this is a pet peeve of me which will result in an automatic delete.
  • I review honestly, short, sweet but gets to the point type of review. If you can’t accept honest feedback, don’t send me a Review Request!
  • If I am not snowed under with review requests, waiting time is normally between 1-3 weeks.

I do accept physical copies of books for review if you would like to send your book to me through the mail rather than e-mail. In your email/message, just state that as the case!

When you send me a Review Request, let me know the length of your story (approx word count, number of pages), main genre and a summary of the book. I do accept 98% of Review Requests but have had to decline some if the story isn’t for me or I generally feel I’m not the right kind of person to review it.

My reviews would be posted on my Goodreads account where over 3,000 users follow my reviews, here on this blog and a short summary posted on my Twitter account:

I’m a 7x Top 40 UK Best Reviewer on Goodreads, active everyday on there sharing my love of books.

You can either tweet me on Twitter: @marriedtobooks3

Message me on Goodreads:

Or send an email to my business email address:

If I am closed to reviews and don’t answer your request, it’s because I’m really snowed under. Please also take note that I am currently a full-time student and coursework does take priority over reading books.

Alice x