Blog Tour: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts


Hello readers! Welcome back to my book blog where today’s post is for the blog tour currently running on a YA Paranormal read: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts. This is the second book in The Unbelievables series which you do need to read the first book: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts before reading this one. I have a spoiler-free review for this book which you can read here: and I gave 4.5 out of 5 stars too. This post will include a giveaway, my thoughts on The Girl Who Saved Ghosts and more about the author, so let’s go!


Book details:

The Girl Who Saved Ghosts
by K.C. Tansley
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Mystery, Time-Travel, Young Adult

She tried to ignore them. Now she might risk everything to save them.

After a summer spent in a haunted castle—a summer in which she traveled through time to solve a murder mystery—Kat is looking forward to a totally normal senior year at McTernan Academy. Then the ghost of a little girl appears and begs Kat for help, and more unquiet apparitions follow. All of them are terrified by the Dark One, and it soon becomes clear that that this evil force wants Kat dead.

Searching for help, Kat leaves school for the ancestral home she’s only just discovered. Her friend Evan, whose family is joined to her own by an arcane history, accompanies her. With the assistance of her eccentric great aunts and a loyal family ghost, Kat soon learns that she and Evan can only fix the present by traveling into the past.

As Kat and Evan make their way through nineteenth-century Vienna, the Dark One stalks them, and Kat must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save a ghost.




K.C. Tansley lives with her warrior lapdog, Emerson, and two quirky golden retrievers on a hill somewhere in Connecticut. She tends to believe in the unbelievables—spells, ghosts, time travel—and writes about them.

Never one to say no to a road trip, she’s climbed the Great Wall twice, hopped on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, and danced the night away in the dunes of Cape Hatteras. She loves the ocean and hates the sun, which makes for interesting beach days. The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts is her award-winning and bestselling first novel in The Unbelievables series.

As Kourtney Heintz, she also writes award winning cross-genre fiction for adults.

You can find out more about her at:

Author links:

Review: The Girl Who Saved Ghosts was a great follow-on read, the main character Kat is back and with more mysteries to solve. When the bloodstained ghost of a young girl visits her, this brings her back into contact with relatives from her past that she has never met including the father who left her seventeen years ago. Arriving in Dumbarton, Kat and Evan must work together against the dangers of the “Dark One” and time-travel back in Vienna in 1831 to rescue a dagger which went missing that year. Their actions, spells and words could alter their lives forever.

What I really love about this series is how visual it is, I found it very easy to immerse myself within the story. The time-travel aspect has kept my interest as well as the developing relationship between Kat and Evan. Personally, there was a tear in my eye when Kat sees her family for the first time, the ending did feel a little rushed again as in the first book (The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts) hence the 4.5 stars. The ancestral connect between all of the characters and their interesting histories also bring a sense of atmosphere into the series.

This is a series that you need to read in chronological order, I’m super excited for book 3 when it is released (I don’t know when that will be) but out of all of the time-travel novels I’ve ever read, The Girl Who Saved Ghosts is most definitely one of the better ones!

Giveaway: Tour-wide giveaway (INTL)
3x signed copy + swag + personal note from author

To be in with a chance to win, then click on this link: The giveaway is international and closes for entries on November 2nd 2017

That concludes this post, a big thank you to the author Kourtney and Xpresso for letting me be a part of the tour. Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs that are participating and read their posts. See you all soon!

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I read Six Spooky Books!- #Spookathon Wrap-Up Post

Hello readers!

It’s now my half-term from College, I’ve been off since Saturday and don’t go back until Halloween so until then, I’m going to be working on assignments as well as doing some writing and reading! Between the 16th and 22nd of October, I participated in a reading challenge called Spookathon which was run by three other Twitter users and booktubers/bloggers and had a list of challenges to complete but… I kind of rebelled and only read books that were horror themed and needed to be read ASAP.

I read a grand total of six books which considering this readathon was running on the last week of my first term, that’s pretty good and something to be proud of. Here are the six books I read:


I have spoiler-free reviews for all of these books except for The Taste Of Blue Light which is only available to read on this blog since the post length is quite long. To see what I thought about any of the books in the image above, add me on Goodreads:

Out of the six read, my favourite read was Fir by Sharon Gosling, it was creepy, mysterious and very very chilling.

I really enjoyed being a part of this reading experience and connecting (particularly on Twitter) with other participants and seeing what they were reading. If you are looking for something fun that is related to books, consider giving a reading challenge a go!

Add me on Twitter:

Other news!:

So, I reached 3000 followers on my Goodreads last night which is honestly so incredible, never even predicted that it would happen to me but it did and I’m blown away just by how one simple idea on an August day two years ago has turned into a dream that I simply don’t want to leave. A big thank you to all who follow me there, I love you very much ❤

I have a ton of new posts coming up including two blog tour posts, one tomorrow and one next Monday as well as my Nanowrimo project reveal which will be this Sunday and somewhat of a soppy post featuring my boyfriend 😉

That’s all to come but in the meantime, thanks so much for reading and see you soon with a new post!

Alice x 

The Taste Of Blue Light (Full Review+Discussion Post)

Note: All my thoughts in this post will be spoiler-free and will not affect you if you haven’t read the book yet!

Hello readers! It’s Alice from Married To Books and currently participating in a readathon on Twitter. It’s now halfway through and so far, I’ve managed to read six books including the one that I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on in this post today: The Taste Of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles. I am part of a YA Book Group at my local library which meets once a month and all of the group members received the opportunity to read and review this from the publishers Hachette. We were provided with ARCs of the book as well as a list of discussion questions which I am going to be responding to on this post! Let’s talk about The Taste Of Blue Light itself first.

This YA novel has the main character Lux Langley who is an Artist, she aspires to be creative but that all changes when she goes to a house party and then wakes up in hospital, having no idea why she’s there or what happened at the party. Her dreams are invaded by the colour of red (the ARC edition above is in red) and she only has a limited amount of time to work out exactly why she’s getting the headaches before she ends up being sent away from her boarding school that she attends. The pain that Lux goes through as well as the attempts to avoid speaking to parents, showed that she is struggling emotionally to keep her life in balance. I liked the whole aspect behind colours, dreams, art which I do have an interest in Art History and the setting of the school that Lux attends. It does touch on mental health issues which as someone with an anxiety disorder, I do respect and am keen to see how a character is portrayed in a story if they also have anxiety for example. There was a paragraph on self-harm which was emotionally challenging to read, the last quarter of the book was what really made me stop and think, taking real-world events and writing about them is very difficult to accomplish but with The Taste Of Blue Light, it actually felt more realistic to read even though the events themselves were horrific. I like to read stories that transport me away from reality BUT also have little reminders about the land that we live on today. There are also references to drug-taking and sex which I feel does make this book an upper YA novel. At my local library, there’s a YA section and a YA+ section with books suitable for age 16+. I say The Taste Of Blue Light is 16+ due to the content.

Overall, this was generally not what I was expecting to read and enjoy but pleasantly enough, I was left very surprised about how much The Taste Of Blue Light spoke to me. Lux’s struggles, her relationships with her friends and parents, going out into the real world after some difficult times, this book will be the splash of red into your daily lives.

Rating: 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Discussion time!

As part of the opportunity to read and review The Taste Of Blue Light, we were also given this list of questions. So, I decided to answer them with my honest thoughts but not giving away what happens in the story. The following questions are:


Question 1: How is colour used in the book- does it help tell the story and/or develop Lux’s character?

The colour red means nightmares, danger, fear. In one of the early chapters in the book, Lux is in the hospital and she is asked to match up numbers with a colour, taste and smell that she associates with it, this is part of the testing that the nurses did to try and come to a conclusion as to why Lux lost her memory. The term ‘Blue Light’ I feel symbolises the colour Blue being depressing, Lux herself mentions that if you feel blue, take yourself and your life and paint it with a different colour.

Question 2: Do you think creating things can help people understand themselves and each other?

I feel that each and every of us are artists just like Lux and want to use their imagination to create a beautiful portrait painting for example. Keeping a reflective journal has helped me to know more about myself and how I used to behave in the ways I did (fourteen year old me, I’m ashamed of you) but I feel that being creative and not following any set rules can bring others together in discussion and enable understanding of who we are and how we live.

Question 3: What clues does the author give regarding the truth about Lux’s blackout?

There’s one clue that stood out to me a lot and that was when Lux found in a notebook a list of words in a collection such as Articulate and Nyctophilia. During a conversation she has with Cal, he mentions a word Basorexia which means a passionate desire to kiss someone. From this, Lux remembers from her life before the hospital incident, a girl that she used to know but feels that her mind is playing tricks on her. This memory however plays a role later on in the book.

Question 4: Did you find the book funny and why is humour important to the story?

I have to be honest here and say that I read the entirety of The Taste Of Blue Light with a completely emotionless face, not laughing, instead more focused on the action  between Cal and Lux and also Lux with Dr Baystone who she sees for talking therapy groups and 1 to 1 discussions. One conversation between Cal and Lux however was amusing, when they interviewed each other and Lux said her favourite flavour was piano when she actually meant to say pistachio. Humour is important I feel in the story because of the overall story subject content, it makes the reading experience more comfortable and also makes the characters (mainly Lux, Cal, Mei and Olivia) more realistic since they are all teenagers who are up for a laugh and ready to explore the world, letting their hair down, if neither of the characters joked or were happy, I would have found it to be quite difficult to read.

Question 5: How vital is setting to the story?

As a visual learner and reader, setting and worldbuilding mean a great deal to me, I love to be in the same world as the characters and seeing firsthand what they get up to. I found the setting of Richdeane Arts School to be a mix of Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) and Whyteleafe (from Enid Blyton’s The Naughtiest Girl In The School series) by students not doing traditional subjects but rather have the freedom to go into various studios and express their creativity however they wish. There are rules in the School but the overall picture is not a lot of bad events or naughty students getting into trouble happen. There were descriptions about some of the classes that the students attended which was interesting to read more about.

Question 6: Do you consider Lux a heroine? 

This is the hardest question out of the list for me to answer but I actually don’t consider Lux a heroine, I say Mei is more of the heroine in The Taste Of Blue Light as she is the person that is looking out for Lux the most. Whenever Lux is unwell or having difficulty with things, Mei is there to watch over and make sure that she is OK. That for me personally is someone being a hero and not letting the confusing mystery of Lux’s headaches and loss of memory get in the way.

Question 7: What will you remember most about The Taste Of Blue Light?

I will remember a few things; That for Lux, it took time to finally be herself again which in life, it does take time to find the routes that you want to travel down. Also, the power of not giving up, using creative methods to find your voice and the colour red that features predominantly and creates fear for Lux herself. The aspect of the colours as a whole made the storyline interesting and created suspense for when Lux tries to remember a fragment from her past.

That wraps up this post! It was a long one but I really hope that you enjoyed reading it, a big thank you to the YA Book Group and Hachette for the amazing opportunity, I look forward to Lydia’s next novel. Leave a comment in the comment section below if you have read or are planning to read The Taste Of Blue Light. See you all soon with a new post!

Alice x

Blog Tour: Monsters and Angels

Hello readers! It’s Alice from Married To Books and back with another blog tour post, this time for the book Monsters and Angels, a New-Adult Paranormal Romance by Anne Marie Andrus. This post will contain more about the author, details on how to purchase a copy of the book as well as a giveaway opportunity at the end. Let’s begin!

Book details:

Monsters & Angels
by Anne Marie Andrus

Publication date: October 11th 2017

Genres: Historical, New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Fledgling nurse Sorcha Alden knew she had the skills to save lives, but she never dreamed that her own life would be the one in danger.

Driven by tragedy to honor her family name, Sorcha embarks on a journey that takes her from the bleak but familiar streets of New York, through the sultry and seductive city of New Orleans, and into the brutal jungles of Nepal. Forging friendships and carrying on her mother’s mission of healing was her dream. Plunging into a love affair with the mysterious Dr. Ashayle could have been a fairytale.

Being murdered and waking up as a blood-thirsty monster—became her living nightmare.

Torn away from a life that had just begun, Sorcha returns to New Orleans as a newborn vampire, forced to start over in a cutthroat underworld of devilry and decadence. Complicated politics, bitter rivals and jealous ancestors stand between her and the promises she’s still determined to keep.

In a realm where the boundary between good and evil is as murky as the Mississippi River and immortal does not mean invincible, will Sorcha ever risk her shattered heart and love again? Can the magical harmony of the Crescent City give her enough courage to fulfill her eternal destiny?




Anne Marie has been an equestrienne, chorale singer, candy-striper, EMT, and baseball fan. Roaming the back roads of New Jersey with her family, she found great respect for antiques, historical locations and the stories they hold. Her current list of favorite pastimes include coffee, bourbon, and Les Miserables–which requires more bourbon. She has been known to attend sporting events just for the flyover. The boat she and her husband christened Glory Days, is her escape from the chaos of everyday life.

The inspiration for Anne Marie’s debut novel, Monsters & Angels, is her fascination with vampires and her passion for everything New Orleans. When she isn’t writing, she can be found working nights with the critical care team in a busy trauma center.

Author Links:

Review: Going into reading Monsters and Angels, I knew that this was the right time of year to be sitting back and reading a spooky story with plenty of paranormal elements. For me, Monsters and Angels features vampires which I personally don’t read a lot of bookwise since my feelings surround that particular genre are mixed but what really stood out to me with this book was the setting and visual elements when New Orleans came into the storyline, I personally love all things New Orleans as well and knowing that the author has a passion for that as well, clearly stood out in the story.

The main character Sorcha is a nurse originally from New York but it is in Nepal that she gets murdered and then reborn as a vampire. Mixing with the new faces in her life as well as old acquaintances such as Vir who Sorcha falls in love with. 

It was the cover that orginally compelled me to give this story a go. If you love vampire novels and want to be spooked, this is the book to go too. I read an ePub version which was long in length BUT had short chapters making the story easy to read. The ending however… Dun dun dun is all I can say XD

There is a big International giveaway running as part of the tour! The prizes on offer are-

3x bracelets

10x signed copies of Monsters & Angels 

5x ebook copies of Monsters & Angels 

To be in with a chance to win, head over to this link and enter! Entries are open internationally and will close on October 26th 2017:

That’s all for this post, a big thank you to the Xpresso Blog Tours team as well as the author Anne for letting me be a part of the tour. Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs participating and have a great day!

Alice x

Blog Tour: A Memory of Fire

AMemoryOfFireTourBannerHello readers! Welcome to a blog tour post for book 3 in the Soul Necklace Stories series by R.L. Stedman, this series is a YA Fantasy! For being part of the blog tour, I was also sent free digital copies of books 1 and 2 in the series for review and I will link those reviews below this paragraph for you to have a quick read of them if you are interested. All my thoughts across all three books are spoiler-free, I won’t be revealing any major plot twists such as what happens at the end. The links for those reviews are:

Book 1 (A Necklace of Souls) Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars-

Book 2 (A Skillful Warrior) Rated 4 out of 5 stars-

This post will have all of the purchase links you need to get a copy of A Memory of Fire as well as a giveaway opportunity and a paragraph sharing my thoughts so hope you enjoy reading!


Book details:
A Memory of Fire
by R.L. Stedman
(SoulNecklace Stories #3)
Publication date: October 1st 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

About my wrist is a tattoo of roses, strung like beads on a bracelet of thorns. I have a past, if only I could remember — but I cannot remember.

Held captive in a strange city, Dana dreams of fire and flight. There is something she must find, but she does not know what it is, or why it is important. If only her dreams would let her rest.

Half a world away, Will studies a new, exciting discipline. But while N’tombe the enchantress is impressed by his newfound skills, inside he feels only desperation. A terrible moment is approaching; soon, Dana must face her final ordeal. Is his new power enough to save her? And is he prepared for what might happen next?

In this thrilling conclusion to the award-winning SoulNecklace Stories, Will and Dana must make a heart-breaking choice. A choice that may change their world forever.


About The Author:
Award-winning author Rachel Stedman lives in Dunedin, New Zealand with her husband and two children. Her first novel, A Necklace of Souls, won Best First Novel at the New Zealand Post Book Awards 2014. In 2012 Rachel was the winner of the Tessa Duder Award and was shortlisted for the Tom Fitzgibbon Award. If she’s not got her nose in a book, she’s on instagram or twitter (@rlstedman) or at her local library. Her website is

Want a FREE collection of fairytales? Then copy and paste this link into your browser:

Author Links:
My Review: Going into reading A Memory of Fire, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Having read and enjoyed the first two books, where would the journeys of Dana and Will come to a conclusion? I highly recommend ‘binge-reading’ the three books in this series back to back so that you don’t miss out on all of the fantasy world-building and adventures. The decision both characters had to come to regarding their future together absolutely broke my heart, I don’t get that emotionally attached to a story that often but with reading this, my past reading experiences had been thrown out the window. The aspects of this series as a whole that really appealed to me were the storyline with the dreams, they were visual and blended in so well with the main happenings in the book, the no insta-love and most importantly, I love reading YA Fantasy books that truly make me feel that I am experiencing the same things as Will and Dana did (well, I probably wouldn’t want to be on a boat) but that’s just me. Overall, a lovely series that transported me away from reality, perfect for fans of Ruined by Amy Tintera and The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye!
Book 3 rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series rating: 4 out of 5 stars
So, I’m delighted to say that this is an international giveaway! Woohoo! To celebrate the tour, there’s a $20 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs to be spent on whatever you want, closing date for entries is October 19th 2017 and is open to entries wherever you live in the world. Click this link to enter:
That concludes this blog tour post, a massive thank you to Xpresso for letting me be a part of the tour as well as Rachel for sending the copies over of the entire series for me to read and review. Don’t forget to stop by all of the other blogs taking part in this tour, see you all soon with a new post!
Alice x

Blog Tour: Breakaway


Hello readers! It’s time for another blog tour post for Sophia Henry’s adult sports romance Breakaway. This post will contain all of the information about the book as well as contact details for Sophia and a giveaway opportunity so without any hesitation, let’s start the post!


Book details:

by Sophia Henry
Published by: Random House: Flirt
Publication date: September 5th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports

In a standalone hockey romance that tugs at readers’ heartstrings, a broken ex-pro learns to live and love again—all thanks to the complicated, wonderful nurse who gives him a second chance.

Brianna Collins needs to break away from her overbearing family. Her parents expect her to “fix” her brother after a series of concussions derailed his hockey career. Unfortunately, no doctor will give him clearance to play, and she’s finished with being the person they rely on to perform a miracle that will never happen. For Bree, a six-month nursing assignment at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the perfect escape.

Luke Daniels, former forward for the NHL’s Charlotte Aviators, has spent close to a year rehabbing a career-threatening injury—and distracting himself however he can. Worlds collide when Luke realizes that the girl from his latest one-night-stand happens to be the new nurse at the hospital where he volunteers in the pediatric unit. What’s more, Bree’s the only person who makes him excited about life again.

Despite her initial reservations, Luke can’t help pursuing sweet, beautiful Bree. Then he realizes it was her brother whose career he ended with an accidental hit, and he falls back on the thing that’s always helped suppress his demons: alcohol. But if Luke doesn’t kick his old habits, he just may lose the one thing he loves more than hockey.

Don’t miss any of Sophia Henry’s exhilarating Pilots Hockey novels:

Praise for Sophia Henry
“Sophia Henry’s hockey novels are fun and flirty, warm and sweet, with relatable heroines and swoon-worthy hockey heroes. They’ll bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.”—USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson


Award-Winning Author, Sophia Henry, is a proud Detroit native who fell in love with reading, writing and hockey all before she became a teenager. She did not, however, fall in love with snow. So after graduating with an English degree from Central Michigan University, she moved to the warmth of North Carolina for the remainder of her winters.

She spends her days writing books featuring hot, hockey-playing heroes. When she’s not writing, she’s chasing her two high-energy sons, watching her beloved Detroit Red Wings, and rocking out at concerts.

Author links:

Book Purchase Links:

Google Play:

Review: Breakaway was a steamy romance that I was just looking for as an escape from studying and completing college work. We follow Luke and Bree (Brianna) as together, they fall in love despite turbulent pasts that come back to haunt them. Luke is an ex-hockey player until an accident leaves him unable to play again and instead turns to a coaching role, his mother lives in Vancouver and on the city streets, struggling to cope with lack of food and money. Bree works in healthcare and her placement to a hospital in North Carolina is just the escape she needed from her family. Her brother has depression and also used to play hockey until he was ruled out from competing again. Due to sexual scenes, I recommend this as an 18+ read and also anyone who likes their love stories to be spicy and sexy. I don’t tend to read a lot of books in this category but the pacing was even throughout, the characters backstories were definitely something that I was interested in as a reader, the ending was a little surprise for me since that wasn’t what I thought might happen but overall, it was easy to get into and will be stopping by to read all of the other books in the Pilots Hockey series hopefully very soon!


There is one main prize as part of this tour and that is for a $25 Amazon gift card to be spent on whatever you want! The good news is that this giveaway is open internationally so you enter wherever you live in the world. This giveaway closes on October 12th 2017. For your chance to win, click on this link:

That is all for today’s post, thanks again to the team at Xpresso Blog Tours and Sophia for letting me be a part of the tour and for the Reviews opportunity. Don’t forget to stop by all of the other blogs on the tour and show your support, have a great day!

Alice x

Blog Tour: Internet Famous.

IF Banner

Hello followers! It’s Alice from Married To Books here. I did take an extended hiatus from my blog which was incredibly sudden I know. But there were events that happened within the last few weeks that have been a real shock to everyone around the world. My Anxiety also played up so that is why I decided to hold off from posting anything. But, I am back now with a tour post to help kick off the blog tour for the YA Romance Internet Famous by Danika Stone. As always, this post will contain details about the book, purchase links, spoiler-free review and a link to a giveaway that is running alongside the tour. Hope you enjoy it!

IF Cover

Internet Famous
by Danika Stone
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: June 6th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult


Can an online romance survive in real life?

Internet sensation Madison Nakama has it all! Her pop-culture rewatch site has a massive following, and fans across the world wait on her every post and tweet. Even Madi’s dismal romantic life seems ready to take off as Laurent, a fellow geek (and unfairly HOT French exchange student!) starts flirting with her in the comments section of her blog. But Laurent’s not the only one watching for Madi’s replies.

Internet fame has a price, and their online romance sparks the unwanted attention of a troll. When Madi’s “real life” hits a rough patch, she feels her whole world crumbling. With Laurent’s support, can Madi rally her friends across the globe to beat the troll, or will he succeed in driving her away from everything―and everyone―she loves?




Danika Stone is an author, artist, and educator who discovered a passion for writing fiction while in the throes of her Masters thesis. A self-declared bibliophile, Danika now writes novels for both adults (The Intaglio Series and Ctrl Z) and teens (Icarus and All the Feels). When not writing, Danika can be found hiking in the Rockies, planning grand adventures, and spending far too much time online. She lives with her husband, three sons, and a houseful of imaginary characters in a windy corner of Alberta, Canada.

The first book in Danika’s upcoming Tathagata series (Edge of Wild) was selected as a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award (2013). Edge of Wild (Stonehouse CA) will be released March 2016. Danika’s YA novel, All the Feels (Macmillan US), will be released June 2016.

Ms. Stone is represented by Morty Mint of Mint Literary Agency.

Author links:

MY REVIEW: If you are a blogger or a youtuber, then you can relate to some of the events in Internet Famous very well. Madison has a blog and is a huge online sensation until an anonymous troll threatens to take down her blog and ruin her final year project so that she doesn’t graduate from online high school. Online, she meets Laurent, a French exchange student who happens to be incredibly handsome. His looks did remind me of Étienne from Anna and the French Kiss (One of my favourite contemporary novels!) Together, they team up to save Madison’s project but when things take a twist, their friendship and blossoming attractions for one another are thrown on the line. During all of these events, Madison has to deal with a Mom leaving for England and a younger sister Sarah with special educational needs. My heart did break when Sarah goes missing because she couldn’t cope with Mom leaving. I love the storytelling aspects of using text messages, blog posts and tweets to help tell the story. It was an easy read and one that was very enjoyable.
4 out of 5 stars!
Tour-wide giveaway (US/CAN)
  • Print copy of Internet Famous by Danika Stone

To be in the chance of winning a print copy of Internet Famous, simply head over to this clickable link:

This giveaway closes on June 15th.

That’s it for now, thanks so much for reading and supporting this blog! Don’t forget to stop by the other blogs that are participating on the tour and thanks again to Xpresso, Swoon Reads and Danika for the opportunity to take part in this.

Alice x