What Blog Posts Do You Want To See? (Asking for your input!)

Hello everyone!

Between the 10th and 20th of May, I was away on holiday (that totally rhymes what?!) and the Internet wasn’t the best so I had to take a break from blogging on here until I got back. Now that I am home, I’ve realised that I don’t really engage with you readers a lot, IE not really creating any discussions or being up to changes and suggestions. So what I am proposing today is asking you guys if you have any ideas for blog posts that you would like me to write. They can be book/creative writing/mental health related and you’re more than welcome to send a list of ideas in the comments section for this post. What do you want to see?

Thanks so much! And I’m pleased to be back here blogging, I know that my blogging hasn’t been frequent but with your help, I would like to change that altogether.

Alice x

I reached 500, first reactions! 😱😱😱

 OK guys, really late posting since it happened just before I went to bed last night but after just one month of restarting on Instagram creating a Bookstagram feed, I hit 500 followers! It feels absolutely amazing and would like to thank everyone who has followed me there and liked my posts when a new one goes up. My next goal is before my 19th birthday which is in just over two months from now is to get 1,000 followers. 

If you haven’t followed me on Instagram yet and would like to support me, here’s the link to my profile: Bookstagram

It would be amazing if you promote my Bookstagram feed to your followers so the bookish love can be shared across the world! 

Thanks so much everyone and have a really good day/night. 

Alice x  

Trying To Prove To My Haters That They’re Wrong. 

It’s the first day of May and I can’t remember when I last uploaded a post here. But this is going to be short, sweet but very important. But if you have followed me and my reviewing from the start, you will know that not everyone close to me supports what I do. It hurts but I have to learn to accept it. When people tell you to your face that you read books because you’re boring and don’t live in the 21st century, it’s hard to take. I do respect people who don’t read but when they don’t respect me, I try to have nothing to do with them.

I re-started my Bookstagram account with one thing in mind: To prove to my haters that whatever they say about me and my love of books, they’re wrong. In such a short amount of time, I’ve met on Instagram some really lovely people that if I ever met publicly in the future, I think we would get along well as good friends. But I’m determined not to let the story end there.

I have a goal and that is to achieve 500 followers on my account. We are pretty much 60% there already, authors, bloggers, readers and complete strangers from around the world have all given my photography and bookish love a try. And honestly, it’s the best thing to witness. 

I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is log onto Instagram and check my messages, the last thing every night is talking books with you guys. It’s actually helping me to sleep better.

So people, if you could help me achieve this dream, my experiences and opportunities with publishers and authors could expand tremendously. As someone once said, “The sky is the limit.”

Here is my account link, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with your friends, followers, family, authors, whoever you know and help spread the word about it. Instagram 

The link above if it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll will re-send it.

But if you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page, website, Goodreads group etc, let the world know that I’m just a girl with big dreams to have my own publishing company and become a well-known Bookstagrammar. 

Thanks so much for reading, have a great day and if you do help, please let me know. 🙂 

Alice x

Being On Bookstagram.

Hello everyone! I re-joined the Bookstagram community recently after some time away with a new account and the support has been absolutely incredible. I’ve come to realise that lots of you love to see some pictures of book collections and challenge posts rather than reading long posts on my blog which I’m totally cool with. Sometimes, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

If you are on Instagram, I would love you to follow me there and support my posts. Here is the link you can click to see my account: https://www.instagram.com/alicetiedthebookishknot/

If you are not on Instagram but would still like to see my posts, my account is public so anyone can see the pictures. But if you want to discuss books and nominate me for challenge posts, you need an account. You must be 13 and over and have access to the Instagram app on a digital device (mobile phone, iPad etc).

Let me know what you think of my photos, anything you would like to see, book recommendations etc. Have a good day!

Alice x 

Mini Publishers Book+Swag Haul!

I haven’t posted a haul in a while but anyway… here is one! I would like to thank a number of people for the lovely books and gifts such as Accent Press YA, HarperCollins and both Karen (Accent Press) and Eleanor (HarperCollins) for the opportunities! 

On top of the pile, is Storms by Chris Vick. Storms in Chris’s second novel. This is a YA Contemporary Romance about Jake and Hannah who are very close until Hannah is taken away by an opportunity that arises and the actions surrounding them both afterwords. The edition I have is final edition paperback. Thanks to Eleanor for inviting me to review Storms.

The other two books are from Accent YA. They are The Deepest Cut by Natalie Flynn. I have a final edition copy, this is about Adam who had a best friend that died and he blames himself for that death. He ends up in a local mental health facility where he writes about what happened before the death. I will be taking part in a tour for this book in June so stay tuned! And Between The Raven and the Dove by Sophia Kingshill. I have the ARC for this. 

Those are the sales points for the book in the picture above if you were interested in reading ages and if you wanted to see any book comparisons. This is a story about a thirteen year old girl called Mag who learns that she may be a witch. 

The swag from the first picture in this post is a promotional postcard of The Deepest Cut, a bookmark from Between The Raven and the Dove, a bookmark from the author Stefan Bachmann that came with a signed copy of his book A Drop of Night and a handwritten note from Karen over at Accent Press.

As always, another big thank you to those who sent me the books and swag, they look great in my book bedroom! 

Alice x 

What Being A Book Specialist Volunteer is Like. 

Book Specialist Volunteer, looks like a really fancy title right? For anyone who loves books, this role is perfect for you but be prepared to carry heavy piles of books around and sort out the donations thoroughly from top to bottom.

I’ve only been in this role for over a month but in that amount of time, I’ve learnt that my help is making a difference to the charity I chose to support. It’s a local one that helps homeless people in the area I live in, providing them with a shelter, warm food and someone to talk to. I volunteer currently six hours a week which equals two mornings.

My duties include sorting through donations that are in the stockroom, pricing books, adding GiftAid labels to bags of books donated by those who GiftAid to the charity and rotate the stock in the shop. I have to sort through the fiction and non-fiction books, the best condition ones we keep, the books with ripped pages or water damage for example are recycled. 

If any books of value come in, then I put them to one side and the main books volunteer goes through them and checks a website to see how much money they are being sold for. The best ones go on the shop’s eBay page with 100% of the money going back to the charity.

So how am I finding it all?

Enjoyable, I don’t like touching books that are incredibly sticky but besides that, I always like to talk about reading and get excited if a book turns out to be worth a lot. Any books that are put out for recycling, I get first pick if I want it so sometimes I come home with books 😛

For someone who wants to get into publishing and volunteering with someone who used to be in publishing, I’ve learnt a lot in such a short amount of time. I have plans to continue with the charity when I go back to College. 

Any questions you may have, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post. See you all soon!

Alice x

I Need Your Support For My New Venture!

As of thirty minutes ago, I have a new Instagram account. Yes, I’ve had two book related accounts in the past but neither turned out as well as I would have hoped. I deactivated the 2nd one I made and sadly can’t remember the password for the 1st one but this new one will come with daily uploads.

It would be amazing if you could go and follow me on Instagram so that my bookstagram could take off and create many more opportunities for me. My new username is alicetiedthebookishknot and I will leave a link to it below. Thank you for sticking by me during a very difficult time currently.


Alice xx