Creating a 2nd blog?!

Hello everyone! I had a really enjoyable birthday celebrating my love of books and writing with my parents as well as the bookshops that surround the streets of Hay-On-Wye. It’s during this short break that I’ve had a really big think about things to do with my writing and my blogging.

Since I am returning to education as a Mature student with plans to study Creative Writing and hopefully English Literature, my goal has been to create a blog that will provide a stepping stone to University. 

So, my 2nd blog will be focusing on… The classics! So, think Jane Austen, the Brontës, Charles Dickens, George Orwell and a bunch of other authors. It will still contain the normal type of posts like book reviews and book hauls but there will be new posts such as analysis and discussions!
It’s a new and exciting venture for me and I do hope that if enough people are interested in supporting me, then that would be an exciting bonus!

To add, this blog will NOT be deleted! I do have plans to update this blog with posts related to Mental Health and YA as well as Adult Fiction blog tours but for anything classics related, that will now be on my new blog. I will keep you guys posted as to when the new blog will be 100% live and ready to go. I’m currently designing the blog as we speak.

I have a massive book haul from Hay-On-Wye but it will be posted on my new blog since it is classics related since all I bought were classics 😛

Thanks for understanding, let me know if you are interested in promoting and supporting my new blog!

Alice x


One thought on “Creating a 2nd blog?!

  1. Can’t wait to subscribe to the new blog.

    Also, what inspired you to return to uni as a mature age student? Congrats btw! I’m completing my first year right now, and prefer it over high school.


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