#MentalHealth: Cutting Out Caffeine

June 27th 2017: Over half a year ago, I was really struggling with my moods. I felt the rush of caffeine kick in after a long mug of coffee and that brought on mood swings and bouts of depression. My teeth started to become affected to, they would feel sore after a hot drink. When I was having therapy earlier this year, I was told that the recommended amount of caffeine to consume per day was between 3-5 cups. I was drinking double that amount.

I had to train my mind not to rely on drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate. And instead, look for alternative drinks that contained no caffeine whatsoever. I stumbled on Tesco’s own Clementine juice which I have to say is my favourite fruit juice of all time. I loved the flavours and how refreshing it was on a hot spring’s day. Now, I’m a proud caffeine free tea drinker and honestly, I feel so much better for it. Thanks to a choice conversation with my Mum, I started buying strawberry and raspberry fruit tea from Twinings tea and immediately fell in love with the whole concept of drinking healthier teas. I drink a wide variety of flavours and always make sure to check the labels to see if it is caffeine free (and for a added bonus, sugar free) so that it doesn’t affect my teeth too much.

On my Instagram (almost at 1,000 followers ahhh) people love to share what tea they are drinking. And now I’m happy to receive free fruit/green/herbal teas to feature in my photos as well as drink them+promote them so feel free to get in contact if you would like to send some tea to me.

I will leave a photo of a mug of fruit tea I’ve just brewed. It’s wild berry flavour from Lidi’s and the brand is Knightsbridge. 79p for a box of 40 teabags!

Alice x


3 thoughts on “#MentalHealth: Cutting Out Caffeine

  1. Girl I totally feel you!!! I’m am SUPER sensitive to coffee and have completely cut it out of my life. However I have found green tea has a good amount of caffeine in it that doesn’t make me go into my panic, jittery state. I mostly prefer oolong and matcha. I definitely can’t do black teas like English Breakfast though!

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