Finding My Happy Place, Well, I’m Halfway There…

Salisbury book haul Feb 2016

June 20th 2017-

As I sit down at the family computer to type this, the weather outside is hot and sunny at 32*C. The UK currently is experiencing one of the hottest heatwaves in over a decade, and for me, no sign of dark clouds means no signs of depression. Or does it? Lately, I’ve been witnessing some friends learn how to drive or go to festivals. They are LIVING their lives. I am LIVING my life too, just not the way that people expect me to live my life. I really don’t have time for arguing over who is going out with who on Love Island or clubbing till three in the morning in a dress that barely covers my butt. UH UH *shakes head*.

I believe that my happy place will always be with books, bookstores, book events, my bedroom surrounded with growing piles of unread books. My happy place is almost complete. What is missing though is my attraction and desire to feel loved by a member of the opposite sex. I know that some people who have followed my book reviewing since the beginning will know that I have dated a few people but things never worked out and books was always to blame. Me being the booknerd and them not liking it. I’m up for finding someone that I can truly call my own. On Instagram for example, I have a few people that I’m friendly with who are guys. And trust me, that has put my faith back into humanity. Guys do read and love books, it does happen. So no more searching for a guy who doesn’t read books!

I do consider myself to be awkward at times, sometimes feeling like an utter nuisance when all I want is just to raise a smile after a long, difficult day. When I met some guys through Instagram, I felt extremely pleased. The ones I talk to are all friendly and like me, have a passion for sharing what their latest favourite read is.

However, by being part of an online social community like Instagram, this has made me realise that my followers all have their own lives. Jobs, somewhere they call home, other hobbies. Most of them live abroad in countries like the US, Japan and Australia. One day, I would love to travel and meet the people that are my online pen friends as I will put it causally.

My other plans for now are just to be friendly but also to keep hoping and wishing for that special moment to pop and my happy place is truly 100% there to witness.

Let me know what your dream happy place is and whether you have found it!

Alice x


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