Dream Job: Becoming An Audiobook Actress.

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. Commuting to work, picking up kids from school, studying a degree at University. Lots of us love to read but due to packed schedules, it can take days, weeks and even months to finish reading a book.

To distract ourselves from the daily grind, headphones are a distraction. One plug-in to a iPhone or Laptop on a busy train, we forget about why we’re even travelling because of this. Services such as Audible have really taken off due to the thousands of audiobooks that are downloaded and listened to every second of the day. The voice of us, the people, reading stories that are bestsellers and the greatest classics transport us to worlds and settings far beyond the ones we know.

I’ve known for a few years now that if I was one of those voices helping to transport a listener on a journey, then that would be make me happy. Being “The Voice” that sticks with you. Since this vision, I have gone away and perfected a number of accents, read hundreds of books and studied how to pronounce words correctly. Also with the advice of others, controlling my breathing and letting the words flow to me naturally as if I was the listener myself.

For years, a lot of people have told me that I read aloud well to others but I was never one for performing arts. My old secondary school here in England specialised in the performing arts and science. But I never liked wearing costumes or learning new dance routines, music was fine but not the other two subjects. Yet somehow, I found that speaking into a microphone in a booth didn’t faze me at all.   

One person suggested to me that I start a YouTube channel where I could record myself reading chapters from books but not showing my face since I prefer my appearance to be anonymous. Two things stopped this: One, no recording equipment and two, problems with copyright. Would Audible complain about it? That idea comes back to me a lot and if the support was there, then I would do it.

If I ever got the chance to record an audiobook of me reading a book that everyone knows well and loves or even one that needs more attention, then I would feel on top of the world. Living one of my dreams out like a scene from a movie.

One thing I did notice a few months after stalking (well, probably not the right word there) but anyway, Audible reviews from users. There was one audiobook I won’t name here but people were complaining about it since the person reading the story was American and the main character in the book concerned was British yet the person reading it spoke with an American accent. For me, I would have felt extremely annoyed by that.

I’ve discovered that to be a successful audiobook actress, you first need to read the book concerned, familiarise yourself with the characters and their voices and then make notes on this. Then, picture them in your mind as you read out pieces of dialogue spoken by the character. 

If any of my readers have acted and recorded for audiobooks then I would love to hear from you.

Again regarding the idea, should it ever come into fruition then I would be looking for authors (trad or self-published) who need someone to read/record an audiobook edition of a story they have written.

Signing off for now.

Alice x


2 thoughts on “Dream Job: Becoming An Audiobook Actress.

  1. Hey Alice,
    great post!
    Librivox is always looking for volunteer recorders (I’m not affiliated with them in any way). You just need a fairly decent microphone, and a duvet to build a make-shift sound booth…


  2. I did record one of my books, “Lane’s End” and then gave the recording to Calibre to use in their audio library. I do have a copy on disc but I haven’t listened to it for a while. It was a great experience, as I did it in a recording studio, it still cost me studio time. The upshot was that I became a volunteer reader with the talking newspaper, the Voice of Progress, in Littlehampton so I get to record several times a year. It is very satisfying. Maybe a local radio station would be interested in your offer?


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