Trying To Write Stories Again.

June 9th 2017- Coming off the back of pulling an all-nighter to watch with baited breath the results of the general election here in England, I realised that my future and the steps I take will be extremely important. In life, sometimes you have to experience the dark clouds to find light at the end of the tunnel. Where I live, the voting turnout was great. The results were declared at around 3am and going the way of the person I wanted to see as MP. It was a shock to be honest as the polls predicted otherwise but now, this turn of events gives me hope for the first time in a long while. So, why does creative writing come into this? I’ll explain.

I really want to see Creative Writing as a huge part of my future but in the last few years, that has rapidly decreased to just a fingertip of a dream. The hundreds of projects that I started but never finished, the word documents left untouched for months, I was mortified. I mean, this is a blogger who wants to study Creative Writing and Publishing at University and yet, she isn’t able to finish something? I was told by some people not to go to University at all, that I would have better luck working as a secretary in a office. No! That’s not where I see myself.

But with this small light of hope for my home city, this positive change has started to set a motivational boost for me. I don’t want to write a story about politics but I do want to write and create characters that become positive role modals for others, stories that don’t paint a damp picture but radiant a bright sunshine.

As I prepare to start writing online again, all I can hope for is that readers give me a second chance to start and finish the stories I want to tell.

Alice x   Image result for writing in a notebook


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