Trying To Prove To My Haters That They’re Wrong. 

It’s the first day of May and I can’t remember when I last uploaded a post here. But this is going to be short, sweet but very important. But if you have followed me and my reviewing from the start, you will know that not everyone close to me supports what I do. It hurts but I have to learn to accept it. When people tell you to your face that you read books because you’re boring and don’t live in the 21st century, it’s hard to take. I do respect people who don’t read but when they don’t respect me, I try to have nothing to do with them.

I re-started my Bookstagram account with one thing in mind: To prove to my haters that whatever they say about me and my love of books, they’re wrong. In such a short amount of time, I’ve met on Instagram some really lovely people that if I ever met publicly in the future, I think we would get along well as good friends. But I’m determined not to let the story end there.

I have a goal and that is to achieve 500 followers on my account. We are pretty much 60% there already, authors, bloggers, readers and complete strangers from around the world have all given my photography and bookish love a try. And honestly, it’s the best thing to witness. 

I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is log onto Instagram and check my messages, the last thing every night is talking books with you guys. It’s actually helping me to sleep better.

So people, if you could help me achieve this dream, my experiences and opportunities with publishers and authors could expand tremendously. As someone once said, “The sky is the limit.”

Here is my account link, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with your friends, followers, family, authors, whoever you know and help spread the word about it. Instagram 

The link above if it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll will re-send it.

But if you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page, website, Goodreads group etc, let the world know that I’m just a girl with big dreams to have my own publishing company and become a well-known Bookstagrammar. 

Thanks so much for reading, have a great day and if you do help, please let me know. 🙂 

Alice x


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