Being On Bookstagram.

Hello everyone! I re-joined the Bookstagram community recently after some time away with a new account and the support has been absolutely incredible. I’ve come to realise that lots of you love to see some pictures of book collections and challenge posts rather than reading long posts on my blog which I’m totally cool with. Sometimes, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

If you are on Instagram, I would love you to follow me there and support my posts. Here is the link you can click to see my account:

If you are not on Instagram but would still like to see my posts, my account is public so anyone can see the pictures. But if you want to discuss books and nominate me for challenge posts, you need an account. You must be 13 and over and have access to the Instagram app on a digital device (mobile phone, iPad etc).

Let me know what you think of my photos, anything you would like to see, book recommendations etc. Have a good day!

Alice x 


2 thoughts on “Being On Bookstagram.

  1. I’ve been thinking of opening up an Insta account for bookstgram reasons and to follow some of my friends… but idk lol I don’t think i can trust myself with not wasting too much time in social platforms hahaha.


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