Mini Publishers Book+Swag Haul!

I haven’t posted a haul in a while but anyway… here is one! I would like to thank a number of people for the lovely books and gifts such as Accent Press YA, HarperCollins and both Karen (Accent Press) and Eleanor (HarperCollins) for the opportunities! 

On top of the pile, is Storms by Chris Vick. Storms in Chris’s second novel. This is a YA Contemporary Romance about Jake and Hannah who are very close until Hannah is taken away by an opportunity that arises and the actions surrounding them both afterwords. The edition I have is final edition paperback. Thanks to Eleanor for inviting me to review Storms.

The other two books are from Accent YA. They are The Deepest Cut by Natalie Flynn. I have a final edition copy, this is about Adam who had a best friend that died and he blames himself for that death. He ends up in a local mental health facility where he writes about what happened before the death. I will be taking part in a tour for this book in June so stay tuned! And Between The Raven and the Dove by Sophia Kingshill. I have the ARC for this. 

Those are the sales points for the book in the picture above if you were interested in reading ages and if you wanted to see any book comparisons. This is a story about a thirteen year old girl called Mag who learns that she may be a witch. 

The swag from the first picture in this post is a promotional postcard of The Deepest Cut, a bookmark from Between The Raven and the Dove, a bookmark from the author Stefan Bachmann that came with a signed copy of his book A Drop of Night and a handwritten note from Karen over at Accent Press.

As always, another big thank you to those who sent me the books and swag, they look great in my book bedroom! 

Alice x 


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