What Being A Book Specialist Volunteer is Like. 

Book Specialist Volunteer, looks like a really fancy title right? For anyone who loves books, this role is perfect for you but be prepared to carry heavy piles of books around and sort out the donations thoroughly from top to bottom.

I’ve only been in this role for over a month but in that amount of time, I’ve learnt that my help is making a difference to the charity I chose to support. It’s a local one that helps homeless people in the area I live in, providing them with a shelter, warm food and someone to talk to. I volunteer currently six hours a week which equals two mornings.

My duties include sorting through donations that are in the stockroom, pricing books, adding GiftAid labels to bags of books donated by those who GiftAid to the charity and rotate the stock in the shop. I have to sort through the fiction and non-fiction books, the best condition ones we keep, the books with ripped pages or water damage for example are recycled. 

If any books of value come in, then I put them to one side and the main books volunteer goes through them and checks a website to see how much money they are being sold for. The best ones go on the shop’s eBay page with 100% of the money going back to the charity.

So how am I finding it all?

Enjoyable, I don’t like touching books that are incredibly sticky but besides that, I always like to talk about reading and get excited if a book turns out to be worth a lot. Any books that are put out for recycling, I get first pick if I want it so sometimes I come home with books 😛

For someone who wants to get into publishing and volunteering with someone who used to be in publishing, I’ve learnt a lot in such a short amount of time. I have plans to continue with the charity when I go back to College. 

Any questions you may have, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post. See you all soon!

Alice x


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