Camp Nanowrimo Check-In: Giving Up?!

It’s April 5th, I should be totally relaxed and super excited about returning to writing. I’m Not with a capital N. So far, I’ve only written 705 words which a, is not for the story I announced that I would be working on and b, I hate what I’ve written, no joke. It’s totally cliche and honestly, it’s making me cringe so badly. So, should I even be a writer if I can’t write? That’s what I’m asking.

I used to write really regularly up until two years ago when I started getting bullied for it. People said that being a writer is babyish and told me to go work in retail jobs instead (I honestly can not see myself working in a clothes shop) but since I’m sensitive, this all went to heart and now I’m wondering maybe I’ll never write and complete a story again.

Thinking about dropping out of Camp Nanowrimo because it’s just not working for me. But again, I have a story idea I just don’t want to see go to waste…

Let me know how your projects are going! 

Alice x 


2 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo Check-In: Giving Up?!

  1. Don’t let bullies rule -they’re horrid and cruel!
    To let them win, would be a sin.
    Your blurb was great – so I can’t wait
    To read much more so I you implore
    Please keep on writing more and more!


  2. I think you are trying to do too much too quickly. Writing and blogging and putting it all on line, along with trying to stick to a daily word count, is not the way to write anything and whoever told you to go into retail instead of writing must be a sadist. Of course if you did enjoy retail you could do both. Writing does not have to take up all your time. If you don’t like what you have written, leave it and start something else. Don’t be bound by what you have told anyone you would do. We have a right to change our minds if something isn’t working.


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