Announcing My Camp Nanowrimo Project! 

Hello everyone, it’s the last day of March (literally can’t believe I’m typing this!) and just one day to go until the start of Camp Nanowrimo. So, what exactly is Canp Nanowrimo? It’s a writing event held during the entire month of April (and July) where you can set a word count goal and writing project and work on achieving the goal throughout the month. So, without further ado, I would like to present to you guys my story…

Ta-da! My Camp Nanowrimo project for April is a ChickLit novella called Surprise Sweetheart. I’ve always loved reading ChickLits so I had that moment one morning when a lightbulb clicked above my head which made me realise that writing one could be a lot of fun.

Here is my work-in-progress blurb, this will change since I find it boring but anyway:

How far would you go to search for your long lost love?

Julia Fenton and Darren Mayhew were not only childhood best friends but also sparking up a passionate romance. Until the flood arrived that swept through their seaside village of Rocky Sand destroying half of the homes. 
When the flood came, their affection was washed away. 

Twenty years on after those events, Julia is dealing with a failed relationship but also constant thoughts about the first guy she ever loved. Will she be brave enough to search for Darren?

I already have been allocated a cabin full of members but I’ll definitely be updating my progress throughout the month on my blog, Twitter and on Camp Nanowrimo. My word count target is 20,000 words so if I wrote 1,000 words a day, I could achieve this in under 3 weeks, who knows?

I have tried to attempt Camp Nanowrimo a few times in the past but it never really worked out. I either lost interest in the project or simply lacked motivation to write anything. I’m hoping that using my phone and iPad to type up on would help me stay on track.

I will be posting the story online on both Wattpad and Inkitt so if you have accounts there, feel free to follow and add my story to your reading lists. I will be updating chapters on there every few days whilst I’m writing because I have a bad habit of coming up with something, not posting for weeks and getting a ton of hate for it. If I do end up finishing the story before the end of the month, then any remaining chapters I have left would all be posted together but my main goal is just to hit 20k.

I will be finishing my story planning today and preparing a blog tour post for tomorrow’s upload so stay tuned for that. Let me know if you are doing Camp Nanowrimo and what your projects will be.

See you all tomorrow.

Alice x


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