Currently Reading on @radish_fiction!

Hello everyone! It’s the weekend, time to curl up and relax with a book or… With an app that comes with thousands of books on it to read anytime, anywhere. I first heard about Radish Fiction off Benjaminofthomes YouTube channel and I was interested in giving it a try. At the time, I had a really dodgy mobile phone that would never load anything or back up my data but getting a new phone enabled me to get Radish!

I would like to share with you guys what I’m currently reading on the app so here’s a little screenshot of my reading shelf. On my shelf, I have mature romances, teen fiction, adventure. You name it. I tend to go for the completed stories also known as free for two reasons. 1, I’m impatient so I need to read everything in one go and 2, Money. I don’t really want to go into details about that but for something free, I happily will read.


Radish Fiction is available to purchase from the Apple Store. It’s free to create an account for reading. If you want to write for them, you need to email first.

If you know any good reads on Radish (I legitimately read anything apart from student/teacher) then let me know in the comments section below. If you’ve written on Radish, I’ll check out your stories!

I plan to do a Radish reading post every couple of months or so just so you guys get to see what I’ve been reading. Have a really good day, see you all soon with a new post!

Alice x





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