#Followers: I Really Need Your Questions!

Morning everyone!

This is just a really short blog post but quite an important one too. After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to write and publish online a guide book about how to create your own book blog and developing your blogging voice. I love to help other people who are interested in joining the world of blogging and since I am not doing very much at the moment, this guide is something I’m happy to work on. BUT! There’s one small thing that I need you guys to help with.

As part of this guide, I will be doing a two part Q+A answering your questions about my experiences with being a book blogger. However, I need your questions! If you are willing to help, please reply to this blog post in the comments section with your questions about my blogging experiences. I would like to include a variety of different questions in the guide. Since this will be published online, I will include the option of staying anonymous if you don’t want your name/blogging handle to be mentioned.

Thanks so much guys!

Alice x


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