January Faves: Non Bookish Post but Still Have a Read.

So everyone, the first month of 2017 January is almost over and to recap the last few weeks, this post will share with you all my favourite things like food, beauty products or YouTube channels that I am obsessed with. Please note that I live in the UK so some things I will be mentioning might not be available to buy in your country. With that said, let’s move onto the post!

1, Sainsbury’s Mince Pie Ice Cream.

Image result for sainsbury's mince pie ice cream

If you legitimately thought that mince pies and ice-cream don’t go well together, then think again! This ice-cream was available throughout the festive season but at my local Sainsbury’s, they were selling tubs for just a pound. With mincemeat and British milk, the texture is soft and deliciously creamy. Meant to be for the whole family to share but I’ve been eating it all, oops! #sorrynotsorry.

2, The Body Shop Shower Gel in Moringa.

Image result for Moringa bath gel

This isn’t a picture of the UK version of the bottle but there’s something about the scent of Moringa that isn’t overpowering yet still smelling fresh and others since I’ve started using it have complimented me on the nice smell. This I use as a bubble bath as well as a gel and it works wonders.

3, Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes.

Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes

This is a new product from Simple and I struggle very badly with sensitive skin. The amount of money that I have spent on beauty products in the past which have caused burning and itching is a lot but I love the scent of the wipes and how handy they are at removing my make-up at night and keeping my face clean and fresh. Have had no issues with the wipes.

4, Hall and Oates music.

Hall & Oates Maneater.jpeg

On my Spotify (which is a private account), YouTube and my parents music collections, I have been listening to Hall and Oates a lot with Maneater a particular favourite of mine. This is a must-listen for any 80s music fans or those who love their upbeat music.

5, YouTube!!!!!!!

This comes the fun bit where I list the channels that I have been non stop watching 24/7 so all I can say to that is there goes my sleep XD


I found Lucy’s channel quite by accident I have to admit. But I love vintage and first saw a thrift store haul on her channel which I loved so I tapped the subscribe button.


I love April talking about books! Plus I’m a fellow cat lover with two fluffy ones of my own.


I love the twins with videos that I can relate to a lot of the time, my personal favourite was the Superhero Polar Plunge.

That’s it for this post, thanks so much for reading and let me know your favourite things in January. Alice x






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