First Post of 2017: I Hit 2K, Reading Goals for the Year Ahead!


Seriously, words cannot express how much I’m eternally grateful for all of the love and support I’ve received since I started reviewing on Goodreads. In just under a year, I’ve gone from 40 people following my reviews to now 2,000? How did that happen?! I hit 2,000 earlier this morning as the first day of 2017 kicked off here in England. The rain is pouring down but I’m still smiling. What a way to kick 2017 off! My family are absolutely thrilled and I’m feeling extremely excited about the next 364 days of reading to come!

My reading goals for 2017 aren’t that simple but fingers crossed they go well. I’m taking part in two reading challenges: The New Adult Reading Challenge 2017 with a goal of reading 100 New-Adult books in 2017 and the 2017 NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge with a goal of 25 books by the end of the year. I do have a ton of reviewing to catch up on but feeling determined to do my very best.

I am currently reading:

The Loneliness of Distant Beings by Kate Ling

Pisces by Rachel Medhurst

Have a really good day and a happy 2017!

Much love,

Alice x


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