Big Surprise!: Now Writing on Goodreads.

Creating True Love

Yes, the title says it all but after going back and forth on the idea for a while now, I have decided to start posting fiction stories up on Goodreads! The first project is titled: Creating True Love. It’s about a seventeen year old girl Anna who has always been single but thinking about looking for a boy. To help find the answers to her questions, she decides to write her own fictional love story based off people she knows and the world around her. But will this method help her find the answers to finding love?

You will need a Goodreads account to read my writing. Setting an account up is totally free and take some just five minutes of your time. Here is the story link: and I hope you guys all enjoy reading it. It feels good to be writing stories again, I’ve missed writing so much. 😦

Alice x


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