A Fun Facts Post.

Hey everyone, it’s Alice! 2016 is almost over so i thought as a fun treat to share with you all a post about some facts regarding myself and this blog. So, enjoy reading. These facts are in no particular order:

1, This blog was almost called The Booknerd Chronicles.

2, If I wasn’t a book reviewer then I would either be a dancer or basketball player.

3, I am dual-handed so right hand for writing, left hand for sports.

4, I once managed to reach the top shelf of a book unit in Waterstones without help after someone started making fun over my height.

5, I love dragons.

6, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is my favourite book and film in the series of Harry Potter.

7, My favourite vloggers are Zoella and Sasha @ abookutopia.

8, Started blogging here nearly a year ago!

Let me know in the comments section your fun facts. I will see you all soon with some new posts. Alice x


2 thoughts on “A Fun Facts Post.

  1. 1. I hate the colour pink for clothes, yet like the colour.

    2. My blog was originally called Foureyedmonkey. Because I’m born in the year of the monkey and wear glasses. Duh..šŸ¤“

    3. My fav animal are monkeys. Cute ones that is.

    4. I love Harry Potter. All 7.

    5. I used to have chickens for fresh eggs. No I don’t live in the country.

    6. I live in Niagara Falls.


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