Discussion Post: If You’re A Speed Reader, You Don’t Read Properly.

I’m hoping to post more discussion posts on my blog so let’s start with one about something I saw online last week.

Browsing through the internet and trying really hard to distract myself since I was unwell, I went looking at other people’s blogs and author blogs just to see what everyone was up to reading-wise and what books were standing out from the crowd. Then, I ended up stumbling onto one author’s post which I read. She stated that if you are a fast reader (speed reader) which is me, you don’t interpret what the plot is, who the characters are and when it comes the time to write a review on it, it will be nonsense because you haven’t taken the time to read the novel from start to finish. In other words, if you speed read, you aren’t a reader at all.

This post made my blood boil. Literally boil.

I do read slowly but that’s different. In times conditions such as exams, there’s an incredible amount of pressure to pick up things quickly. Being honest at age 15 and say to my school that I couldn’t handle that allowed myself to have concessions in exams known as extra time. An extra 20 minutes added onto an exam could mean the difference between a pass grade or a fail grade. When it comes to reading books however, I feel no pressure. Blocking myself out away from the distractions of the everyday world, reading a book from start to finish for me is a breeze. In a few hours, I put the book down either with a smile on my face or tears trickling out because it had a sad ending to it.

My point is readers that all book reviewers and casual readers read and interpret books differently. In my view, we should be allowed to read as much as we would like to whether it would be 1 page or over 1000 pages. Speed reading may look like skimming but it really isn’t. It can help or hinder you, for me both are the case. But to hear that from an author?… I really don’t know how else to react other than writing this post and starting a discussion on it.

If you are a speed reader, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

Alice x


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