Nearly The End of 2016. But This Is Sour.

It’s coming up now to one year since I started this blog, a place to type up about books I had read and reviewed and host blog tours. I feel that my blog is a huge part of my life but there have been a few things in recent weeks that I have brought me down quite a bit regarding my blog. After taking some time away to think whether or not to type up about it, I will and just letting you guys know my side of the story.

So one day, I came home from a day out with my parents and I decided to log onto my blog to check for messages and see if any new subscribers had popped up, I noticed after logging in that it read one message in your spam folder. Clicking on it, I kind of predicted that it was some random junk about selling carpets. But it wasn’t. It was a message to say that they had been reading my blog for sometime and to let me know that someone was copying my blog posts up onto a different blog. My happiness was crushed in an instant. Not really knowing what to do, I deleted the message but still spent an hour scouring around the internet trying to see who had been plagiarizing my blog and all of my posts. The search didn’t find anything but the message to be honest has haunted me.

Let me be honest by saying this, I’m currently hesitant to post any new posts on my blog in case my blog has been plagiarized by someone else. That blog tour post I did this week was pre-arranged and I couldn’t change that or withdraw from the tour. But considering this year has been extremely rough for me, I am disappointed that someone would go to great lengths to bring down my blog and make me look like a fool. I am not accusing anyone but if you readers do see a copy of my blog on the internet, do the right thing, let me know and I will fill out a takedown notice.

Aside from that, I am on track to reach 2,000 followers on my Goodreads which is insane as you guys know well about my excitement.

I’ve tried not to let this event dwell on me but unless I find some closure, I am very close to quitting blogging altogether and sticking to just my Goodreads account for reviewing books on.

Alice x



5 thoughts on “Nearly The End of 2016. But This Is Sour.

  1. Don’t let the spammer put you off sharing your brilliant reviews, Alice! There’s no evidence yet that the person leaving that message was actually telling the truth… I agree it is very sad if someone is so lazy they’re copying your posts rather than writing their own but at least they’re acknowledging they’re great posts and if any of us spot them, you know we’ll get in touch to let you know! Keep on reading and blogging, please!

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  2. Wow that’s amazing how popular you’ve gotten!! Tell me your secrets!

    On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear what’s happened. I hope you find who is copying. You could probably find it through googling a post you’ve made :/

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  3. I am new to your blog and I love it! Reading this saddens me because I hate to see someone stop doing something they love because of outside negative forces. I hope you choose to continue and not let this person or persons stop you from sharing your views on books! 🙂


  4. The fact that the message went to your spam folder and the person didn’t leave a link to who was copying your posts makes me wonder if they were just trying to mess with you. Have you tried searching in some of your posts between quotation marks on Google? Like the post title? That should bring up any duplicates! I totally understand why you’d be hesitant to continue blogging. People would always steal my shit on Tumblr and it made me so angry. It’s totally your decision on whether you want to continue or not, but I don’t think you should let that one individual ruin it for you. Whatever you decide though will be the right thing! Hope you can work it out.


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