Life Update: New Bedroom, Maths Exams and My Cat’s New Bizarre Obsession…

Hi everyone! It’s Alice here with a life update blog post for you all. For the past week or so, I have had people message me here and also on my Goodreads inbox asking me why I am not as active as I have been recently. This post will hopefully clear up any confusion my activities on the internet may have caused.

First things first, I got my bedroom redone over the autumn half-term break! This involved setting up new Ikea Billy bookcases in my room as well as a new wardrobe and the amount of cobwebs on the walls behind some old units were freaky as Halloween. No sharing any pictures guys, I hate spiders! But besides that, it means that all of the books that were piled up on the floor are now safely on shelves. There are 3 units instead of just 1 I had previously and I have organised them quite randomly. One is strictly YA, one is strictly Adult and the third a mix of mass market paperbacks as well as my favourite book series (cough Hunger games cough).

Next, I have been through the stressful process of exams. Now, exams and I do not get along well in the slightest. Here in England, if you don’t pass English and Maths in school, you have to keep doing it until you do pass. I’m resitting Maths for the fourth time now and I swear everytime I sit a Maths paper, something bad always happens. I had the first out of two exams today and it was utter hell. I only had just over 3 weeks to try and get my head round some new topics I hadn’t studied before and questions came up on the paper that I had never seen before in my life. I felt physically sick, I’m never going to pass it, that’s my grade chances blown. Leaving half of the paper blank because you literally didn’t have the help to understand and revise everything really knocked my confidence badly. It sucks you know? My 2nd paper is on this coming Friday so I have to try and pin my hopes on scoring a high grade on that paper if I am to have any chance to getting the grade. I’ve already decided this will be the last time I will sit the Maths paper since I am almost of age when you don’t have to keep resitting it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Maths but it is the exams that really spoil things for me.

Then, let’s set the scene for my cat to make an entrance. She has a new habit for… climbing into the kitchen sink and licking the plughole! I seriously have no idea why she has suddenly gotten into the mood for jumping into the sink but when my family still had the old bathroom, she used to jump into the bathroom sink and lick the taps making water dribble out everywhere. It was ever so funny.

That’s it for the life update post, thanks so much guys for reading. See you all soon! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @marriedtobooks3, Instagram @aliceandthebookslover and on Goodreads Marriedtobooks44.

Alice x


4 thoughts on “Life Update: New Bedroom, Maths Exams and My Cat’s New Bizarre Obsession…

  1. Good to hear that you’re ok – apart from the maths thing. Totally understand that – I loathe and detest maths almost as much as I loathe and detest exams, but luckily in the olden days we didn’t have to go through the pain of resits. Hang on in there, Alice, then you can just use the bits you need e.g. how many books you have, how many books you want and how much money is necessary to get them all! Life skills … that’s all you need. Oh, perhaps a bit of area measurement, in case the bookcases don’t fit. Job done! x

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