12AM, Unwell And This Happens!

This is a short post everyone since I am still recovering from a short illness but it was midnight and having issues with my sleeping, I log onto my Goodreads and see the number of people who follow my reviews:


Ahhhhhhhhhh! XD

This is the highest number of people that have ever followed my book reviews, guys, I really don’t know what to say but thank you very much for the love and support that you’ve shown since day 1. I’ve only been reviewing since February as a serious business like attitude but it’s now dawned on me that perhaps something big could come out of this. I don’t know, just a gut feeling that hasn’t gone away for a few months now.

Thank you again everyone, if you are new to my blog and would like to follow me on Goodreads, I’ll share you the link to my profile.

Have a good day/night!

Alice x


3 thoughts on “12AM, Unwell And This Happens!

  1. Hi Alice, Hope you get completely well very soon. Meanwhile … having read this, I wondered … have you tried writing to newspapers e.g. The Guardian, which has an excellent book review section, to see if they would like a reviewer for young fiction? Could lead to the something big you mentioned. Apologies if you already have! xx

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