Already Feeling Festive… In Mid October?!

Guys, is it acceptable to be feeling festive before December? From that big package from Pan Macmillan was this book What Light by Jay Asher. I literally saw the final cover today on Goodreads and it looked flipping gorgeous! Kudos to anyone who has fairy lights in their bedroom, I do except mine is covered in spider cobwebs and dust…

Anyway, I had seen from my Goodreads friends (Not relevant but nearly 1,600 of them ahhhh) have either read the book, are currently reading it or are planning to get it on release day so I decided to help boost the book’s publicity as part of the marketing campaign and review it for you all. Excited for that?

If you are new to my blog, I have to be honest and say that I’ve been in a month long reading slump. I saw this video for the first time today by YouTube user abookutopia otherwise known as Sasha and I freakin’ love her videos. She also inspired me to start blogging and collecting books in the first place but it is about a reading slump portrayed as a person. Put a smile on my face since I am currently unwell and half in my sick bed, half trying to revise for a Maths exam in three weeks time (yikes!) but I’ll leave the video down below, it’s a must watch:

Anyway, thank you everyone for your continued support, I hit 70 blog subscribers last week and my goal for the end of 2016 is 100! If you know anyone who likes reading/blogging about books, mental health, blog tours and either has a WordPress account or an active email address then get them to give my blog a try! There’s virtual chocolate chip cookies available, I swear 😉

See you all very soon hopefully with some book reviews.

Alice x

PS! This is kind of important but I’m looking for some Christmas Romance novels that are Young-Adult to add to my Christmas TBR list. If you know any (No new-adult, middle grade or adult please) then let me know in the comments section below, thanks!


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