I Met Anthony Horowitz + Got A New Phone!

Yesterday was a good day apart from the busy crowds and multiple traffic hold-ups but I went with my mum to town and spent some time with one of my closet friends. Both of us were super excited to meet Anthony Horowitz who was going to be at the local Waterstones store to sign books and take photos with fans. My friend was already towards the front of the queue by the time that I had arrived smiling and chatting rather comfortably to Anthony while I stood waiting, feeling totally out of my depth. By the time it was my turn, the worst happened. I froze up, literally couldn’t say a single word because I was too speechless if there is such a thing. I whispered to confirm my first name and watched as he carefully signed my copy of his latest book Magpie Murders.

On leaving after the signing, people that were waiting in the queue behind me started to give me odd looks like I was meant to start talking to him or what. But having read all of the Alex Rider books and thoroughly enjoying them, I was literally tongue-tied and for that, I felt awful. My friend afterwards made me feel a little better though, he’s the total opposite of me but at the same time, as an eighteen year old, I really need to talk more. I have been through the last few years literally flipped out at times when I have to say something but the panic of it coming out wrong such as wrong tone of voice or worded wrong always haunts me hence why I don’t talk much.

After getting a milkshake from Shakeaway, we both went our separate ways and spent over an hour at the phone shop picking out a brand new mobile phone. Yes, its an iPhone but a lot of people I know and that are close to me also have them and it feels good being able to join in conversations about them with them. So thanks mum for the opportunity, it was great fun to choose one.

Hope you guys are all having a good weekend and I will hopefully see you soon!

Alice x



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