The Curse of the Reading Slump and a Book Haul to round off September.

I can’t readdddddddd XD

No seriously, this is a delayed SOS call for help, I literally can’t read.

I only managed to read 2.5 books in September (what?!) and I’m trying to come up with possible reasons as to why this may be the case. I think I have a few after getting some ideas at 4am in the morning a few nights ago. First, College and exam priorities. Second, trying to cram in too many books at once. Three, not finding the right time of day/place to read and so on. My reading challenge on Goodreads is literally doomed, being 16 books behind is not a good thing, at least I hit the 50 books mark like two months ago. 😛

Last weekend, I went out for the day with my family because it was my dad’s birthday. Shopping, lunch and then book hunting was an incredibly fun experience. This image below will show you the books that I picked out from the past weekend:

So many good-looking books there plus the top half of my sleeping cat who gate-crashed the photo with her snoring. I selected a real random mix of authors, genres and paperbacks/hardbacks. If there’s one thing that I love, that’s the feel of mass market paperbacks, don’t get me wrong. I love vintage and antiques but they just remind me of the 1960s a little bit which is my favourite decade that I would have loved to have lived in because of a few certain musicians (Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Beatles).

The good news somewhat is that I am slowly starting to pick up books again and now it is October, fingers crossed I can get over that 16 book hurdle and reach my year goal of 100 books read!

I noticed some new blog subscribers the other day so thank you very much for subscribing to my blog, I really appreciate all of your support. Feel free to chat anytime. Anyone new who is interested in my Goodreads book reviewing is welcome to follow me on Goodreads at: Marriedtobooks44.

See you all soon for some bookish awesomeness!

Alice x


10 thoughts on “The Curse of the Reading Slump and a Book Haul to round off September.

  1. Numbers shouldn’t matter. As long as you have one book on the go it should be enough. I don’t understand this urge to read a certain number of books by a certain date.Do you remember them all? Is it like a delicious meal? Without a feast of books do you feel starved? Enlighten me.


    1. I get a lot of books sent to me from publishers that need to be read by a certain date, I also review books on Netgalley which come with due dates. For the books that i’m currently reading, I keep a pile of them next to my bed so that I know which ones I need to read. I haven’t really thought about that to be honest, it does feel weird if I haven’t read some books for a while. 🙂


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