How To Host A Blog Tour Post+My Experiences as an Xpresso Blog Tour Host.

Being a part of blog tours can help increase exposure to your blog and boost up the number of subscribers but lots of you have questions regarding it and if hosting one is fun to do. Questions include:

  • Does having x number of subscribers ruin my chances?
  • What if I don’t like the book i’m meant to review?
  • I’m worried my post will be too short, is length a big issue?
  • What is hosting a blog tour and what’s in it for me?

Hopefully through reading this post, those above questions will get answered and any others that you may have. So first, let’s tackle the issue of subscribers. You DON’T need to be a famous blogger or book reviewer. All you need is the willingness to take part and have a blog that is up and running for everyone to see. I only just hit double digits when I hosted my first blog tour post, but that didn’t hinder my post nor my blog. I just got on with the job of taking part and using all of my social media networks to spread the word.

If you don’t like the book, it’s fine. I mean it, everyone is different when it comes to reading and reviewing books. If the book simply isn’t for you, just contact the person in charge of the blog tour for that book privately and ask to be removed from the tour ASAP. Don’t leave that until the day before the tour is due to hit your blog, that’s unprofessional and all honesty, a bit immature. Another option is to still post and promote the story BUT holding off your review until after the blog tour ends. People will respect your honesty and not judge you should the book not be your cup of tea.

Length does bother me sometimes but if you use the media kit that gets sent to you from the blog tour leader and I mean, using everything that comes with the kit, you will actually be very surprised at how long your post looks. For my posts, I always use the blog tour banner at the top, a photo of the author, an all about the author bio and a picture of the book cover. One paragraph isn’t a sensible post but half a page is but that’s just my view on it. 🙂

A blog tour is a promotional way of promoting a newly released book or one that came out a while back but is being re-published for example. There are two ways you could get involved in a tour: Approaching a blog tour leader and applying to take part or having those leaders come to you if you have an active social media presence. As part of a tour, you agree to post on a agreed date, time of posting and agree to a reviews policy and not to distribute a digital arc for example. As part of a tour, you have the option of hosting a giveaway, an interview with the author themselves, having an extract from the book or a simple review post. Some like to combine two or three into their post.

To take part in a blog tour, having a sensible attitude is a must. Failure to post and comply the rules will land you in a ton loads of trouble, you could be banned from participating in any blog tours. Keeping in contact with the blog tour leader at all times is a must so should something come up unannounced and you have to move dates or you can’t take part at all, don’t stay silent, MESSAGE the leader!

I am a host with the Xpresso Blog Tours team and that has really opened up not just my activity on Goodreads or Twitter but enabled me to showcase a wide variety of posts on my blog. Blog hits, subscribers and comments have all increased just by working with them and being a part of blog tours. From hosting tours, people on the book scene and blogging scene have started to know my name. They know who I am, what I do and how I do things such as reviewing books. Being a tour host enables me to select the blog tours that I am interested in applying for and as being a host, I do get priority over those who aren’t a blog tour host in being considered for a tour.

I’m delighted to announce that I have a blog tour post coming up tomorrow for… The Song Of Princes Blog Tour with Xpresso which should be really exciting. For you readers, you’ll see my style of posting a blog tour post and then you can decide if blog tours are for you or not right now.

Other things: Be polite, respect the views of others, make sure that your post is readable and free from spelling mistakes and just be yourself when posting. I like to be a little quirky when I post things. 😉

Let me know if this post helped you at all, see you all for the blog tour tomorrow on my blog where I will be doing something for the very first time but what will that be I wonder?…

Alice x





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