A Small Extract From My September TBR.



My photo editing is super bad guys, i’m sorry!

Hey everyone, Alice here typing a new blog on the first official day of autumn here in England! To be honest, i’m kind of relieved that summer is over, it was starting to drag a lot for me and I hope to make some new changes to help improve with my personal and mental well-being. Starting with… trying to organise when the best time to read and reviews is!

Due to the sheer number of books on the September TBR list, I can’t mention them all otherwise we’ll be here forever and a day and that wouldn’t help things. So, the photo above is just a small selection from the September list. I’m cheating a little bit since i’m halfway through The Versions of Us already and about 60 pages into The Horse Dancer. But there’s a real mixture of genres and authors for this month. I also have a blog tour coming up soon which I am very excited for.

So, here’s a bit about each of the books in the above photo:

Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel- This is a YA novel about a girl called Maisie who experiences a freak accident and has to have a face transplant after suffering from burns to her face. This story talks about the aftermath of the accident and what Maisie does in order to cope with the new change.

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett- This is set in Cambridge about two students crossing paths with each other one day. After this meeting, there are three possible outcomes and each one ties in with the story. I am finding it OK so far but I do have a few minor things I’m struggling with (You will learn more in my review when its posted).

The Horse Dancer by JoJo Moyes- About a man called Henri who teaches his granddaughter horse-riding after his past involved equestrian heritage. His granddaughter and a lawyer Natasha will cross paths after a disaster strikes that changes everything. Includes horses!

Duskfall by Christopher Husberg- I was sent a copy of this by the publishers Titan Books in exchange for a review. The first book in a fantasy quintet, this is about Knot who gets pulled out from a sub-zero sea with arrow marks on his skin and memory loss. Other characters include Winter who marries Knot but is abandoned by him on the same day (this isn’t a major spoiler, its listed on the back of the book) and plus Cinzia, a priestess who discovers a major rebellion. Fate, power and magic, don’t you love fantasy books? 🙂

A Step Towards Falling by Cammie McGovern- This was sent to me from Pan Macmillan publishers for being on their bloggers mailing list. This is a YA Fiction novel about a girl with developmental disabilities Belinda being the victim of a brutal attack which she is left shocked. When the school finds out what happened that night and learns two fellow students Emily and Lucas were also there, both students are made to serve community service at a centre for disabled people. It’s a story about learning the consequences of making choices and helping others by making a difference.

The Next Together by Lauren James- A YA fiction about two people Katherine and Matthew that are born over again and again throughout different time periods in history and also many years in the future. An emotional romantic read.

That is it for this blog post, let me know if any of the books mentioned in this list have caught your eye or you’ve read it recently. Stay tuned for more blog posts soon!

Alice x

PS Totally irrelevant but my blog hit 2,000 hits this week and had the best ever day for views which is simply incredible. I would like to thank everyone who have taken the time to support me in this blogging journey, I really appreciate it. 😀


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