How To Stand Out From The Crowd on Goodreads!

You’ve done it, sitting down with your phone in your hand or on a computer chair typing away, you’ve made a Goodreads account. So here’s the big question, how do I stand out from the crowd and how can potential readers hear my thoughts on books? These tips I’ve created just for you guys if you are interested in seeking the answers to that question! Let’s get started:

1, I’m all about that profile, no treble 😛 (Yeah, I totally ripped off All About That Bass)

I’ve seen people getting nervous writing about themselves but once you get started, stay true to yourself. Having a profile picture that resembles you is a good place to start. It doesn’t have to be a picture of yourself, it could be an image off of the internet as long as its suitable to use that you feel represents you. For example, my Goodreads profile picture is one of a butterfly. This represents me in two ways: The fact that I love butterflies and discovering new creative worlds that exist within reading books. It’s like leaving the stresses of daily life behind and escaping, I love to escape like that. A bit about yourself may include the name that you would like people to call you on the website, links to your social medias such as your Twitter account and your favourite authors/genres.

2, Gimme the books!

You mean book lists? Adding books to your reading lists particularly if in the past you’ve already read them can give you the opportunity to post your thoughts on them straight away. For example, perhaps you swooned of Pride and Prejudice and you would like the whole world to know about it or maybe Jane Austen just isn’t for you? With a site like Goodreads, as long as you follow the rules, you can post honest thoughts on nearly every book going. When you post a review, other Goodreads users can see your thoughts and either reply to your review or tap the like button. It’s always a good feeling when someone agrees with the points you make.

3, Join away!

There are Goodreads groups such as book clubs, book reviewing and friends/role-plays. In the groups, thousands of users access a group every single day. If you like YA Fiction, search for YA Fiction groups and join in with the chats. If a user is OK with friend requests and/or have similar book tastes to you, than add them! I am a member of 91 groups which seems like a huge amount but out of those, I choose the ones that are actively updated and have users I know on Goodreads being members of them as well. It’s a good way to make new friends.

4, Wait, what’s this ranking?

I remember screaming out loud when I was ranked on Goodreads 32 Best Reviewers in the United Kingdom where I’m from. It was an incredible achievement and since then being consistently ranked on the reviewing charts, my reviews and friend adds have increased in exposure. From this, readers and users can see that are writing good reviews and have a genuine love for books. This is a bonus, being ranked is a good thing for publishers too as they can see you as potential reviewer material for books being published soon and that they need ARC reviews on.

5, Active and stay active!

I check my Goodreads profile every single day for new messages, updates and to chat with friends. If you post reviews regularly and chat with others, consider yourself an active user or basically a Goodreads addict like myself 😉 Staying active can keep you organised and stay in touch with your growing fanbase. No, I don’t talk to everyone that friends me on Goodreads but I do like to strike the odd conversation and like status updates because I feel connected. Stay connected=better presence.

6, Social Media is a bonus!

I’ve connected my Twitter, Instagram and FB page with my Goodreads account. If you are passionate about reading and reviewing books, chances are you could end up on a publishers mailing list. I received an opportunity earlier this year to join up on Pan Macmillan publishers mailing list and be in line to receive some free books ARCs and finished copies in exchange for a read and review on my Goodreads account. I’ve also built up a list of authors and publishers that I’ve reviewed books for including the big 5 as well as some smaller publishers.

7,  Freebies 😀

Yeah, that’s my favourite word in the English dictionary of all time. Take full advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. I remember the first author that contacted me and asked politely for a book review, that was a big moment for me and I said to myself, “I’ve made it!” Free books without having to leave your house. Reviewing indie books are a hot topic at the moment. There’s always someone trying to find an undiscovered gem and another person leaving a review on it. I mean, you all know by now what I mean by staying connected right?

Those are the tips that I am going to mention in this post. I’m pretty sure there’s like 2 million more that I could have said XD but anyway, thanks so much for reading, have a great day and feel free to share some more tips in the comment section for this post.

If you would like to add me on Goodreads, here’s my profile:

Alice x



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