Blog Posts Coming Up!

Hello everyone, again I apologize for my absence I’ve been away on holiday by the coast for a few days and my iPad likes to crash me out of WordPress so I wasn’t able to update anything. I just would like to inform you guys about the blog posts that are coming up on my blog within the next week or so. I enrol for my 3rd year at College tomorrow and will hopefully find out what days I am in College for which will help me decide the best days for reading books and updating my blog. So, the upcoming posts will be:

  • The Liebster Award. Yes guys, I was nominated for another award for my blog so I will be doing that post this coming weekend.
  • Goodreads Tips about how to get your love of books and reviews noticed. I’m not one to brag but I’ve been in the past for 3 weeks in a row top 40 UK book reviewer on Goodreads but it didn’t happen by itself.
  • Book Haul from my seaside holiday. I just need to take a photo of the books purchased!
  • The What’s On My Kindle post. For this, I will be discussing a few books that I’ve read in the past years on my Kindle e-reader.
  • Reaction to the Swoon Reads Season¬†8 manuscript selection list.
  • YA Fiction 2017 releases I have my eyes firmly fixed on.
  • Why I have no regrets being a book collector with a Q+A opportunity for you guys to ask me questions on my book collecting.

Looking forward to all of that? I hope you are!

Have a great day, check in with you guys tomorrow!

Alice x


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