My ARC August Physical Book Haul!

Guess who’s back, back again, Alice is back, with her books. Sorry, I had to kind of get a little bit slim shady there. But yeah, I’m back with some books! *Cue happy dance*.

For someone who gets 3-5 book review requests a week, I’m having to juggle a lot of things on and due to the sheer number of ARCs I have to read and review for people and publishers, it was no surprise that I needed something to motivate me and reading a post on my blogger friend Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews Blog helped me to find the answer to my question. ARC August is happening! So, just for my blog as an exclusive, I will be posting two separate posts. This one for my physical ARC list which may need to be updated since I have a few more ARCs coming in the mail and a digital ARC one including my first ever Netgalley haul, ahhhh, so exciting! So, make sure you stay tuned for that. Should be up tomorrow or on Friday at the very latest.

The pile of ARCs people!:

Book pile

A mixture of genres, Young-Adult and Adult Fiction, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a variety of stories to read. So, here are the tales behind the ARCs!

The top three ARCs in the pile I won all in one go in a Twitter giveaway and all three couldn’t be more different. Falling is an Adult Contemporary novel, The Couple Next Door is a Psychological Thriller and Lament for the Fallen is a Sci-Fi set in Africa.

I requested Poison City from the publishers a long time ago (whoops!) but its coming out in August and is the first in a brand new crime series set in South Africa.

And I Darken is already out, it’s a YA Fantasy novel and the hype surrounding this book is huge. I’m kicking myself stupid for delaying my read/review on this book but it’s ARC August so this is happening! I got this from Ruth over at Penguin Random House.

Three Dark Crowns is another YA Fantasy coming out in September and I received a copy to review through the twitter account MyKindaBook.

Beneath The Surface is a Psychological Thriller and I won this in a twitter giveaway with the publishers Red Door Publishing. I did a blog tour with them on Cinema Lumiere which was yesterday.

The one with no title down the book spine is called The Unseeing and I requested this from the publishers Tinder Press. It is a Adult Historical Fiction Thriller inspired by real-life events.

And finally Nevernight which I requested from the publishers Harper Voyager who also publish Game of Thrones in case you were wondering. This is the first book in a new YA trilogy I believe but it is coming out right at the start of August. And the proof cover is so pretty! 😀

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you have read any of the books mentioned or plan to over ARC August. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Alice x


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