Cinema Lumiere Blog Tour!


Hey everyone and welcome to Married To Books! First of all, a quick apology to today’s delayed post. I’ve been struggling with personal issues away from the internet. I was approached by the publishers Red Door Publishing if I was interested in participating in a blog tour and of course I leapt at the opportunity because I love blog tours, they are fun and a great way to promote new stories! The image below shows all of the social media links to the publishers, the author of Cinema Lumiere Hattie and all of the blogs that are taking part across the next week including mine!


So, onto the review for Cinema Lumiere!

Hannah Bailey has sealed her heart against love, she’s resigned herself to a dead-end job and her catastrophic thinking is out of control. In fact, she’s hard pushed to find a single reason for her existence until the day she stumbles across a tiny cinema with just one seat… Cinema Lumière doesn’t screen Hollywood blockbusters or even low budget art-house flicks. Instead it shows people films of their lives. But how does its mysterious French owner Victor create such unique biopics and why is he so determined to coax Hannah into that single red velvet seat?

Set in West London’s Portobello, and Paris, Cinema Lumière is a story of love, loss and seeing your life on the big screen. If you liked The Time Traveller’s Wife and One Day, this could well be the book for you.

Well, I like both of the books that were compared to Cinema Lumiere so that immediately perked up my interest! I love the whole plot premise of Victor creating films centred around people’s lives. At first I thought that was a tad bit stalky but please don’t be put off like that as by reading the novel, you will learn the reasons why behind Victor’s creations. The novel is adult fiction but to be honest, anyone 16+ could read it. I found the story behind Hannah’s character fascinating as she experiences a number of muddled relationships. I feel that I could relate to this a lot as within the last year or so, I’ve been in that exact position. The pacing was great, I’m not much of a movie person but reading this has perked up my movie habits again. A heart-racing read and kudos to Hannah’s pet dog Nellie for making me chuckle with laughter.

Alice rates this… 5 out of 5 stars!


If you would like to read an extract of Cinema Lumiere for yourself, here is an exclusive extract from the novel on Hattie’s website!:


Cinema Lumiere is currently nominated in the People’s Book Prize under the category Summer 2016 Fiction Category. If you liked Cinema Lumiere, head over to the awards website to cast your vote!:


Thank you again to Red Door Publishing and Hattie for this opportunity!

Alice x



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