Another Goodreads Milestone!

Before I upload my book reviews from the last few days, I just want to give a very special announcement to all of my blogging friends. On Friday 15th July, a day after my birthday, I reached 1,000 Goodreads users who follow my reviews. As someone who has only been reviewing books on the website often for several months, I’m beyond speechless at the amount of support that I have received here on my book blog and also on my Goodreads profile. I never thought for one moment just how my reviewing of books could capture the attention of hundreds of other book lovers from around the world.

So, a massive thank you to everyone who has friended me on Goodreads and liked my reviews, it means the world to me. And for those who have subscribed to my book blog and always keep track of the posts I upload and just my general activity across other blogs on WordPress, a big thanks to you for the support here! I’ve met and made friends with so many people online in just a short amount of time, it’s crazy!

Much love,

Alice x

PS, If you are on Goodreads and haven’t friended me, feel free to do so since I always accept friend requests. Link to my profile is here:


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