I’m Back From Holiday!

It’s Alice checking in after her 3 hour car journey home from her birthday holiday break/ My birthday was yesterday in case you were wondering. While I was on holiday with my parents, I purchased a ton of books (nearly 40 which is mad I know!) but before I started to feel a few small signs of regret, I was like, “Hey, more amazing books to read and review.” I don’t feel bad for too long!

Two days ago, I hit my highest ever ranking on Goodreads which is number 34 in the UK under Best Reviewers. This was an incredible thing to witness after a nice day out with the family and my first reaction was one of complete shock in a good way. My mum was actually borderline tears because she was incredibly proud of what I do on Goodreads and the hundreds of people I’ve met online in the last few months, my fellow bookie friends. You all know who you are 😉

I have a ton of bookie posts to share with you all including book hauls, reviews and other book related chats so stay tuned for all of those posts. One of them is going up straight after this one!

I apologize for not updating away on break, I feel like I needed a breather from blogging for a bit and embrace new ventures in um… trying not to break the parents bank XD but I had a really good time away. Very excited to be reading and reviewing some books again!

Much love,

Alice x


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