Reaching New Heights: Goodreads Ranking!

This is just a really quick blog post but I want to share something very exciting with all of my blogger friends and anyone who stops by to read my blog… On the 1st of July (the Friday just gone), I logged onto my Goodreads and saw something that hadn’t appeared on my profile before. After digging around, I discovered that this new thing that had appeared was a Goodreads ranking!

As it stands, I am now number 38 under the Goodreads Best Reviewers chart for the United Kingdom and number 144 under the Goodreads Top Reviewers chart also for the United Kingdom. I am now charting on the same Goodreads ranks as one of my favourite booktubers ever Benjaminoftomes. It’s nuts! And I couldn’t have done that without the continued support of all of the WordPress and Goodreads community. To boost rankings, all you need to do is hit the like button on any review that I post on my Goodreads profile that you like and the total number of votes across my reviews in one week can either boost or downgrade my ranking. But after just 5 and a bit months of reviewing books and blogging, it’s crazy. My parents can’t believe it and I certainly can’t either.

I have some more book reviews coming this week. I am also taking part in two blog tours at the end of July AND… I am going away on my birthday holiday this coming Friday and have selected ten books to try and read throughout the week in order to manage my various TBR lists. Exciting book stuff to come!

If you would like to friend me on Goodreads, I do accept all friend requests so don’t hesitate! Click on this link now:

For anyone who doesn’t know about Goodreads. Goodreads is a website that you can sign up to for free and read/review/recommend books on. I would say it’s like Facebook but just for books. As long as you are over the age of 13 and interested in discovering new books, this is the website just for you. Since joining, I have literally zero regrets.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support. I will check back in soon with some more bookish posts. Have a great Sunday!

Much love,



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