Alice Reviews: Thanks For The Trouble


Final star rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars!

I won a signed copy of this book via a Maximum Pop Books giveaway a couple of months ago and on tweeting my excitement over winning the book, the author Tommy Wallach saw and we had a lovely conversation, thanks for making my day and month. This was a fairly quick read for me, I finished reading it in just over an hour. The story is set in San Francisco about a boy called Parker Santé whose father dies in an accident. Because of this, he hasn’t spoken a word for five years. Instead, he communicates through writing and in this story, he starts writing in his 105th journal. Instead of staying in school to work hard to attain College places, he bunks off and crashes around hotels.

In these hotels, he observes the various guests and staff, sometimes turning to stealing just to help make ends meet. In one of these stealing situations, he meets a girl Zelda Toth, a very mysterious character who doesn’t seem to be quite as things seem to be. Together, both will embark on an adventure that involves writing stories, Halloween celebrations and hidden truths.

There are a number of questions and answers that take place within the story. The ending I think was balanced off perfectly. Without wanting to reveal any spoilers, I personally felt somewhat satisfied with how the story ended. I felt a mixture of emotions: Sadness, Joy and Anger. I felt the same type of anticipation I got from when I started reading Paper Towns by John Green. It has the same vibe somewhat from it and because I liked Paper Towns, I liked this book too!

The humor in the story is extremely funny at points but there are also serious things to take into consideration. It was quite well-written, I feel that the length of the story itself should be longer. Contemporary is not my favourite genre at the moment so this final star rating may seem a bit harsh. However, I generally had no serious problems with the book and would recommend it to anyone who likes Paper Towns or any other stories by John Green or David Levithan.

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