Alice Reviews: Behind Closed Doors

(This was a story featured on an old blog post of mine from back around February time. It was number 1 in my most excited for adult fiction reads of 2016!)

Jack and Grace look like a loved up couple but once you start immersing yourself within the reality that surrounds their relationship in Behind Closed Doors, you would debunk that happy theory altogether.

A debut novel and psychological thriller, this story was certainly designed to scare and I as a reader was totally scared out of my wits. In every corner of the novel, action and tension just kept on building. We see the lies, the betrayal, the hurt and the sacrifices made by both Grace and Jack. Jack is a rich man, a lawyer who is famous for the cases that he works on day in, day out and Grace who used to work for Harrods buying fruit over from South America. Grace’s younger sister Millie has Down’s syndrome and I feel that her character portrayal’s was realistic. Set between Thailand and England, Behind Closed Doors looks at the darker side of relationships. The unhealthy side.

I’m still shaking after just finishing reading it, psychological thrillers are designed to scare your mind and make you question the actions undertaken by people. A thrilling read, that will mess with your emotions.

Overall rating: 4 stars out of 5




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