Alice Reviews: You Know Me Well

I was sent an ARC copy of You Know Me Well by the lovely team at MyKindaBook and Macmillan publishers for read and review. And for those who love reading YA LGBT reads, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

High school students Katie and Mark meet one night in the heart of San Francisco but it’s just a friend thing. Katie has a crush on a girl named Violet and Mark has fallen head over heels for his best friend Ryan. Throughout the San Francisco setting, we witness the adventure that both of them experience together during Pride Week, what being in love feels like and how you reveal to another person that you love them. The alternating viewpoints between Katie and Mark provided a clear picture of what either of them were thinking as well as what was happening within the story. As a fan of poetry, I was pleased to see some poems written and spoken by young teens at a poetry open mic session scene that took place a few chapters from the end. It was a nice way to express creativity throughout.

I’m a huge fan of both authors and overall, really enjoyed You Know Me Well. The ending rounded things off nicely but the story plot does tug at your heart strings. For anyone looking for a contemporary romantic read, this is the book for you.



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