Alice Reviews: Witch and Wizard

DNF at Page 13 (But I have flicked through the book beforehand, reasons are stated below!)

I am disappointed.

So, so, so disappointed.

This was a book selected for the local YA book club that I attend and Fantasy is my favourite genre at this moment in time so this did fit the bill for what I felt like reading. On the evening of our last meeting when we got the book copies, we were all warned this was a high MG and low YA and on having a flick through, I knew deep down that I was going to struggle with reading this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of all of the adult thrillers that James Patterson has ever written. His way of writing literally takes my breath away and before you can say the word “Thriller”, you are sat on the edge of your seat because an epic plot twist just dropped.

On the basis of me flicking through the book to see what the writing style and plot looked like, I then tried to start reading it but by the first few pages of solid reading, I felt rather bored with what I was reading. The start for me felt flat and because I found the start flat, the rest of the story for me personally probably wasn’t going to be my type of read.

I did stop reading very early on and on reading some of the reviews left by Goodreads members, I have to agree that as a huge fan of James Patterson’s adult thrillers, I expected a huge thrill of a ride and sadly… was left in the dust.

For any MG readers looking for something simple to read, I think you would like this one. But for any hardcore Fantasy readers, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

(Because this is a DNF, I don’t give DNF books a star rating!)

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