Alice Reviews: The Outliers

I would like to thank Maximum Pop Books, the publishers HarperCollins and the author Kimberly McCreight for sending me a copy of this book from a Twitter giveaway as a prize. Here are my honest thoughts.

It was quite long in length but I read it all in one sitting in just a couple of hours. The mystery thriller feel and the cover really help to showcase the adventures that take place throughout the story. This book is the first in a planned trilogy and at this moment in time, I will be looking forward to purchasing the next book when it is released. The story revolves around the main character Wylie who discovers that her best friend Cassie goes missing a short while after both of them had a fallout with each other. Wylie starts to receive some cryptic text messages supposedly from Cassie but when they start to hint some strange occurrences, Wylie is on the case to track down her friend as well as overcome the struggles with her anxiety.

I have anxiety just like the main character Wylie which for me meant that I could relate to her character more out of all of the others. The twists and turns that took place throughout really made my heart race, I was interested to find out what happened next. Betrayals, secrets and danger. What more could you ask for? The Outliers ticks all of the boxes for me. I also was able to visualise the scenes within the novel. I could totally see this becoming a movie one day.



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