Alice Reviews: All The Bright Places

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Wow… At page 10, I was already crying and because of this, I knew that this was going to be one very special story. We follow Theodore and Violet, both struggling with various issues. Theodore who wants to end his own life and Violet struggling to cope after the death of her older sister Eleanor. The story follows both Theodore and Violet tackling a school project, various counselling sessions, applications for College and struggling to connect and make friends with other peers.

This book really had the same emotional connection as the two main characters in The Fault In Our Stars Augustus and Hazel. Since The Fault In Our Stars really hit me deep down and messed with my emotions, I came to a conclusion that trying to find a story that did the same thing was near impossible. I was proved wrong by All The Bright Places.

It’s emotional, raw and heartbreaking to witness and discover the struggles between living life and coping with loss. I really have no more words to say other than the fact I was crying at the end, near speechless by what I just read.

An outstanding read, for all readers who enjoy YA and are looking for their next favourite novel.

Solid 5 out of 5 stars.



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