Alice Has Some Questions!

Hey everyone! This is more of a Q and A blog post for you all since I have four questions that I would like to ask. Two are more to do with me being curious about book reviewing in general and the other two are to do with your personal preferences. Your answers could be featured on my blog so if you do reply, you could be included on my blog post!

Question 1: I’m very nearly old enough to use Netgalley, how does Netgalley work?

Question 2: If you write a negative review of a book, should you post it on your blog or just stick to posting positive reviews of a book instead?

Now, the personal preferences!

Question 3: In general, what makes you pick up a book? Is the cover design or it is a new book written by one of your favourite authors? The blurb or the story title?

Question 4: What topics would you like to see portrayed more in books? It could be politics or the environment for example.

Thanks again everyone! I’m currently reading books for publishers at the moment so expect some reviews along very soon!

Much love,

Alice x


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