Alice Reviews: Love Is Hell


I borrowed this from the library but I also own two physical copies of Vacations from Hell and Prom Nights from Hell which I shall be reading as part of my June TBR list.

This anthology is made up of five short stories, written by five well-known and talented writers. The theme of the anthology was love but with dark and sinister twists. It was overall, an easy read. I finished reading it in under two hours in two separate sittings. Out of the five stories included in the anthology, three of them really were dark and sinister but the other two felt a bit… disjointed? I’m not really sure what the right word I should use to describe that is… but those stories I felt could have been a bit more darker.

I don’t regret reading this anthology. It’s helped me to relax and break free from a reading slump. But overall, I felt a tad bit disappointed because not all of the stories I felt were scary to me. Sometimes, too much scare can be really off putting but not enough can become quite boring for the reader. I would recommend this to others but approach the anthology with an open mind and you will enjoy reading it.


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